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nan22     02/04/2020 06:17 AM

Hello, I wanted to share my experience. I had my last H-4 stamping in 2013 and it was valid until mid 2016. I always had renewal before the previous one expired. My husband and I did not get stamping since then, we only had valid status. We lived in states and did not travel to any other country in between. I was nervous to come by myself for stamping after so long so wanted to share my experience in case anyone else is in the same boat.

Current situation: I visited India after 6 years and went for interview at consulate while my husband is in US and I had his valid status document (i797) but not his stamping.

New Delhi
2/3 - Biometrics - turned out I had made a mistake on my DOB on DS-160, I was asked to correct it and come back and if i could not before they closed then I would need to reschedule my visa appointment. My original appointment was at 3pm so I had time to get things fixed thankfully. There are shops close by that will help you do it, they will charge a rather ridiculous amount but the work will get done.
I went back to biometrics in 30 mins and got my fingerprinting and photo done. They updated DS number on my appointment and said I did not need to do anything else.

2/4 - Visa interview
Went through the queue and got to document verification counter before the interview. They asked for copy of visa stamp for my husband and I mentioned that he had not done one yet after the last one that expired in 2016. I had already given i797 and copy of his old passport with all visa stamps and his new passport copy.

Visa Interview
VO: Hello, please pass the documents
Me: Hello, how are you?
VO: Very well
Me: I gave my husband's latest i797 (copy), old passport copy with stamp and my original passport
Me: Do you also need my original renewal document?
VO: No, just the primary applicants
VO: why are you visiting India?
Me: I am visiting my family here
VO: Is your husband currently in US?
Me: Yes
VO: When did he start working for xyz?
Me: Answered
VO: Do you have kids?
Me: Not yet
VO: *smiles*
VO: Where do you both live in states and how long have you been married?
Me: Answered
VO: Did you study in US as well, where and what degree?
Me: Yes, gave details
VO: Please see this document, do you know of your rights in US? (he pointed to a booklet at his window)
Me: Yes
VO: Your visa is approved. You should get your passport back in about a week.
Me: Thank you

If you are spouse on H-4 and your husband has not received his stamping, you can still go and get your stamping done
You do not need to carry original i797 of your spouse
Carry extra documents and copy of his old (and new) passport as well as all the stamps on pages

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nmtdv000     02/04/2020 04:20 AM

hello all,

I had my H1B visa interview on 28th January 2020.I was asked very basic questions during the interview and was told your visa has been approved and you will get your passport in 3 to 5 days . But its been 5 business days but I have not received my passport yet.

Status showing it is under administrative processing.

I emailed on passportstatus.com and I got reply it is with the post . I am confused where is my passport is it with post or US embassy ?

Anyone with similar case?

Please can anyone tell what is the approximate wait time if I have not received any white slip or email from US consulate regarding any queries .


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baps1609     02/04/2020 02:30 AM

Hello All,

I will be attending h1b visa interview in singapore.

I have been working in singapore since 6 years and i have already been to us consulate for B1/B2 visa interview in 2018 and got it aprroved, now am going for H1B visa interview.

I have a doubt regarding the below question

"Are you applying in the same country where the visa above was issued

Is this country your principal country of residence? "

Am indian citizen , am wondering what will be my principle country of residence.

As the country is same as previous visa issued and not sure about principle country of residence.


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Jeev     02/04/2020 02:20 AM

Feb 3rd: Biometric
Feb 4th: Interview

Officer asked regular questions, employer,client, salary, highest degree..
Gave 221G blue slip, kept client letter, passport returned. is this common process? Anyone in same boat?

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Karthik_NewUser     02/04/2020 00:05 AM


I have booked the appointment slot but then while going through the guidelines I saw that the passport should be valid for more than 6 months from the date of interview and my passport is expiring in 5 months.

I have applied for a new passport. Will there be any problem as in the application form I have mentioned old passport number. If someone can help with anything I should be aware of it would be of great help?


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Picky5018143     02/03/2020 19:48 PM

Is it safe to travel to india in last week of april to mid may as my h1b is valid till sep 2020?

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skumar003     02/03/2020 18:55 PM

I am sharing my dropbox experience.
My transfer was approved but extension of stay got denied. Came to india for stamping.

Document Drop-off 6-Dec
Case Created 10-Dec
Case Updated 17-Dec
I reached out my Senator 10-Jan (I believe this helped me)
Case Updated 14-Jan (Blueslip - Asked me to appear for interview)
Passportpicked up 17-Jan
Interview attended 17-Jan (i was prepared and had all my document handy)
Dependent Visa issued 20-Jan
Mine issued 21-Jan
Passport picked on 22-Jan

It was a long wait. But at the end we reached here safely.

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joeyperry     02/03/2020 17:15 PM

I had interview scheduled at Hyderabad consulate and my passport is currently with embassy no slip given by VO. But I was informed that she was unable to find petition in system. Currently its under Admin processing. has anyone encountered this? if yes could you please provide what needs to be done by employer/ uscis ?


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Athreya     02/03/2020 14:50 PM

Was surprised to see large crowd outside of consulate(Many parents(B1/B2),H4,F1,H1B aspirants) as it was non F1 seasonal day, Could see most of the faces with nervousness, I was with all smiles, joking and poking fun with my brother(as he was accompanying me) and thinking of that stage when i was in their shoes for first time. Cops were trying to control the crowd to follow discipline in forming Queue's in order to get into consulate as per their time slots.

For some reason(May be because of Monday with too many appointments i think) consulate was functioning an hour late to actual time-slots. Stood in Queue as per the time slot call up formation(Staff was validating DS-160 with passport details and time-slots) and went into Consulate after going through security screening. I was laughing when security guy was frisking as it reminded me a scene from movie(Instead of screening he was almost massaging me). I was guided to sit in a waiting room based on type of Visa followed by going into separate building where interviews were being conducted(I was comparing every instance, place, counters, chairs positioning with my past F1 Interview day(6 and half years ago) at the back of my mind).

Once i entered the building, Unusual number of people being zig-zagged in queues in front of Interview counters(Not what i've experienced to... with my past experience). I just kept my smile, looking at every possible aspirants through reflections in mirrors not matching eye contact as i was feeling for them on many aspects because few of them were preparing answers from a write up sheets. Before Aspirants being interviewed, consulate staff and Officer at a counter were validating passport followed by guiding into lengthy queues.

My Turn assigned to counter by staff verbally as per vacancy in counters.

Me: Inner Voice: Okay dude, you got to face a Women Officer again - Let's see how it goes...(She was into early 30's based on her appearance with enigmatic face)

VO: Refused my earlier aspirant in queue who applied for H4 to F1 conversion...Handed over 214b white form(Contrast to what i used to see with a standard greeting card kinda manufacturing when i got rejected 4 times during my F1 Days).

Me: I was observing/listening eavesdropping to every Visa counter visible to me followed by officers line of questioning to which aspirants were answering...There were many women VO's working on that day(Which reminded my first F1 rejection)...I was looking at her face waiting her to make my eye contact.

VO: She was waving her hand at me to come up
Me: Nodding head and waiting for my earlier aspirant to clear the way for me
Me: Walked up ...Good Morning Mam!(Confidently) ...Before i say "how's it going" Her next dialogue
Vo: May i've your passport
Me: Sure...Handed her over the counter
VO: She scanned and pulled my profile through DS-160 - Do you need this "Know you rights Booklet" or you've one?
Me: Yes i would like to have that booklet...She handed it over to me...i said Thanks!
VO: You work for X employer?
Me: Yes Mam!
VO: You Going to MN? (Very little hint in her facial expression as if she's wondering whether i could get accustomed to that weather conditions)
Me: Yes, Actually I am coming from MN (Inner Voice: Why do you wanna en-counter her ego bro)
VO: Was browsing my DS-160 and typing something ...
Me: Inner Voice: Did i Start screwing up my chances...don't worry you just made her aware
VO: Pause for a 15 seconds
Me: Focusing on her face but i was able to hear adjacent counter Q&A in parallel as it was not too far
VO: She made eye contact and asked "So what does your employer do" ?
Me: Stammer ...stammer ...Stammer...Finally let my answer rendered out (Inner Voice: Bro what did you do...Started to loose track)
VO: You work at Client Location?
Me: Yes
VO: Which Client you work for?
Me: Said Client Name
VO: How long you've been working at that Client location?
Me: Said the duration (She started typing while i was answering)
VO: Pause for 30 seconds (May be browsing my Profile Again)
Me: Inner Voice:(Confident guy started to feel the heat)
VO: What is the highest level of your education?
Me: Masters in Computer Science, Graduated from XYZ university in the year "YYYY". (Inner Voice: She just asked level of education ...Wanna make up as much positive as i can)
VO: How much is your salary?
Me: XYZ USD per annum Mam!
VO: Can you show me paystubs/W2's or what ever you've.
Me: I was going through file while she patiently waited for 15 seconds looking at me and file. I Gave her W2's and Tax returns since i started my career.
VO: I don't need Tax returns
Me: Okay...She keenly went through last 3 years and Gross amount i was making...I made her aware about my initial W2's from university days as well since it was not a conventional printout
VO: So, you worked in university as well?
Me: Yes, i worked as Graduate Teaching assistant during my grad school Mam!
VO: Okay...She retuned back my W2's and typing bullet points onto my profile (I could see her face with wondering...Aha kinda expression)
Me: I am sorry ...did i miss my pay-stubs showing you ? (I willfully interrupted her as i gained confidence conveying about my University work)
VO: No i don't need that as i saw your W2's
Me: Okay
Vo: Whom do you report to?
Me: Stammer ...Stammer...Supervisor name not coming out of my mouth as i was amazed with that question
VO: Whom do you report at your employer i mean?
Me: Said Supervisor Name. Inner Voice: What's wrong with you dude ...The most confident Teaching Assistant who used to teach classes to under-grads is stammering for few simple questions...You have it in you bro ...let's pull it up.
VO: How often do you meet in person?
Me: Ducked question by saying "we usually submit monthly status reports and discuss over Skype during sprint planning meetings"
VO: She went on to type while i was answering.
VO: You got your first H1b approval in last October?
Me: My initial approval was in Year "YYYY"
VO: Ohh ...pause for 20 seconds (Inner Voice: Why she's grilling so much dude ...one Male VO in next counter was approving aspirants for every 45 seconds)
VO: She was taking out blue slip(Which includes steps to collect passport - Inner Voice: Sailed through Storm bro) followed by "Your Visa is Approved...You've a great day!"
Me: Thanks and You've a great one too Mam!
Me: While paving the way for next aspirant ...Do you need my old passport?
VO: Nodding head and saying ..No.. not needed.
Me: Okay...Walked away confidently but not forgiving myself with the way i answered few questions although it was a Happy ending.

No Matter how confident an individual can be there will be certain tensed moments which can make or brake a person.

Status look up of Passport:

First Business day, status was changed to "Adminstrative processing".
Second Business day, Status was changed to "Issued".
Fourth Business day, Email notification to collect passport as it is ready for pick up from the destination i choose to get it delivered

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Athreya     02/03/2020 14:37 PM


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