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h1bcrazylife     09/05/2019 20:43 PM

I have filled ds-160 form for Montreal, but i have booked an appointment with Vancouver consulate. Do i need to fill new ds-160 with Vancouver location?

Appreciate your help.

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h1bp2019     09/05/2019 17:59 PM

Does anyone have an appointment in Vancouver Oct 1st week? Please let me know.

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cool.virgo     09/05/2019 14:28 PM

Anyone has Visa appointment at Ottawa on Oct 1st or that week?

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optforms     09/05/2019 11:04 AM


I had a h1b visa interview on Sep 5 at Toronto. It was smooth process for me. I am working in EVC model and F1 to H1B conversion.

Standard questions were asked. No documents were asked except passport I797 and old F1 visa.

Waiting for the passport pick up email.

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ajymenon     09/04/2019 17:48 PM

Anyone with a Visa Issued Status after interview in Ottawa on 3rd sept have received any updates on passport delivery/ courier dispatch info?
How long does it typically take for the courier number to show up?

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gmjpkarthik     09/03/2019 18:20 PM

Appointment date: 08/30 @ 7:45 am.

Profile: FTE at a well known company. Change of Employer(previous company is well known one too).

Questions Asked:

1) Who do you work for? - Answered.
2) What do you do - "I develop Software for blah blah blah". He asked, "So, Are you a software engineer"? I said, "Yes".
3) Do you have masters? - "Yes from <So&So univ> located @ <xxxx>"
4) How many people work at your site you work in? - "300-400". So it is a physical location? I said, "Yes, it is located at <City>,<State>".
5) <Gave me a booklet> - This is your rights, please go through it. I flipped through when he was typing something.
6) Do you think you are paid competitively?, I might have said "Yes" a bit too soon, even before he finished his question. He had a smirk on his face when I responded.

"Your Visa is approved, You will get your passport back in 3-5 days". No Slip.

Status Changed to "Admin Processing" right after the interview. Still the same status after 1 day.

Most of my friends who attended the interview in Vancouver, had their status change to "Issued" the next day morning. Mine is still in "Admin Processing". Not sure how long it will take, given that a verbal "approved" is not enough these days.

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Calgaryh1b     09/03/2019 16:59 PM

I had given my interview in March for H1 b at Calgary ,received yellow slip....... after a lot of emails to and fro of documents ..... got an email from consulate to submit the passport on Aug 16th .... traveled from india and submitted my passport on aug 27 th .... been more than 4 working days ..... no update .....any one with similar problem

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nikskapoor     09/03/2019 16:48 PM

Hello everyone,

I am looking for H1B appointment dates in Canada asap , I am in a critical situation.
please let me know if you guys know what is the latest date available or see any earlier appointments available.

reply here.


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za1     09/03/2019 15:50 PM


Following is my experience with L1A-Blanket visa interview at Ottawa location.
I reached consulate for 7:45 interview about 15 mins early. To my surprise, there was queue outside consulate. I have had 2 prior L1 visa interviews at this location and I was in and out in 30-40 mins. I got in at security scan in about 20 mins. Ottawa consulate has 1 cashier window where L1 candidates have to hand over their 2 checks. Same window is used by citizen who want to pay any fees and they are given priority. There were quite few citizen visiting that day, so I had to wait longer at cashier window.

On side note, there was small complication in my case; while submitting DS-160, I answered 1 question incorrectly; "about immigrant petition filed". (my employer has filed I-140, but I answered No without understanding it). I realized my mistake 10 days prior to interview and created new DS-160 as per recommendation from our immigration team. There was also change in format as I had to add my social media handle info too. As I could not update DS-160 number for my appointment, I was suggested to carry both DS-160 confirmation pages and request an update at consulate. I was concerned if this will raise any alarm.

As I was waiting in line at cashier window, I was listening to other conversations where I heard one applicant was warned about what is mentioned in DS-160 before fingerprinting. As per officer, applicant takes an oath while providing fingerprints that all info on DS160 is accurate. So, I got even more worried.

When it was my turn at cashier window, I mentioned about the mistake and explained about the exact question. Officer typed something as I was explaining and asked me to explain the same during fingerprinting and during interview. She also mentioned that it is not a big deal. sigh of relief ... phew ... She asked me to move to fingerprinting window where I explained same story. This time, officer told me that she would not want to update new DS-160 as it is not a big thing and asked me to explain it to VO.

Now, while I was going through these 2 windows, other applicants for all reasons were lining up for interview. There was only 1 interview window to serve visitor, student, H1, L1 visa; so queue got pretty long. There were almost 15-20 applicants in front of me. After almost 45-50 mins, my turn was getting closer and another interview window opened. Second window had L1A-Blanket applicant, VO was new may be, because she was taking quite some time on PC before starting interview. He was asked very standard questions. I was hoping that I would go to same VO ;) ... Applicant in front of me was for visitor visa and got denial. I was called to that window.

VO first asked me to share documents; while she was going through them, I repeated same cassette about DS-160 mistake. She updated something again on her computer and did not raise any concern. Questions to me;
1. Total experience and experience with current employer
2. Will I be working at client location? what is the address?
3. how many reportees I have? what is their role? this is where I explained that I have some managers reporting to me.
4. would you say you have hire/fire, appraisal authority over reportees?
5. Then give some examples of it

And that was it; I heard the word approved. I think I was at interview window for hardly 2-3 minutes. I was out of consulate at 10:15 after almost 2.5 hours.
I checked visa status online that same evening and status changed to Issued. Next day, I got email that my passport is ready for pick-up.

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sandeep217     09/02/2019 19:10 PM

HI everyone,

if you guys see any visa slots open in Canada for next 2 to 3 months please email me [email protected]

Thanks in Advance


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