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Morya19     09/03/2019 23:34 PM

I have a scheduled L1B appt in Chennai on Sept 11th, however, I received my petition documents yesterday, in which I found there is a mismatch of 'Place of Birth' in petition/passport and DS160.

My birth place on DS-160 and on my birth certificate is Jaipur, Rajasthan. But, on passport and in my petition papers it is Indore, MP. Can someone help on how to fix this?

During the interview, can I tell the consulate that there is a mistake in DS-160 application?

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sachinpatel3434     09/03/2019 22:19 PM

My visa interview scheduled on 3rd Sept.

Thanks for immihelp, for preparation

Following questions were asked by VO

1. Designation in USA ??
2 what is your Specialisation ??
3. How much salary get in USA??
4. Which company u work der in USA??
5. Company Product use for??
6. Marriage date??
7. Do you ever been visited USA??

Difficulties experienced during interview in Chennai
1. Due to side by side window,too noise surrounding. I can't hear my VO questions properly.
2. Just take cash for fraud prevention fees, many times credit card not worked.


1. Hear complete question and keep kalm

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AmazonSde     09/03/2019 06:06 AM

Date: 29th August, 10a.m
Location: Chennai

Me: Good morning Sir, Hope you are having a good day.
VO: No response. I guess he couldn't hear me. Asked me to give the passport.

VO: Indian salary
Me: 25L + 11L stocks

VO: Designation
Me: SDE2

VO: US salary
Me: 170k + 45k stocks

VO: Location
Me: Answered

VO: What will you do in US
Me: Work on xxx service and also do the high level designs. (Prepared a lot but answered something else here)

VO: Explain me xxx in Layman terms
Me: Wasn't expecting this. Gave 1 liner. He didn't understand. Tried to explain in detail. I thought i screwed it up. He said ok in the end.


I think the company name and salary mattered. I tried to maintain a cheerful face all the time.

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TechieVisa     09/02/2019 07:09 AM

Hello All,
I am about to appear in L1B visa interview and currently i am working in product base company . Question is this if i will be asked to share the name of Customers/client in the interview what should be my answer (because as per the company policy we dont need to reveal the customers/client name as this is bit confidential) and we can not share the Customer detail.

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STT     09/01/2019 01:32 AM

I have interview in the next month . I too have the Canada PR . Will it have any impact on the interview .

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akki2011     09/01/2019 01:08 AM

I got my L1B blanket visa approved. I applied along with my wife and daughter. Below is my experience:

History: My B1 visa was refused 3 times in past and I dont hold B1 visa.

August 28th, 2019: Bio-metric at 11:00 am
August 29th, 2019: Interview at 9:00 am

Since, we had our kid with us, we did not have to stand in queue anywhere except at fraud detection fee payment window. The whole process was completed in 40-50 minutes.

After arranging the documents and making 3 sets, I paid fraud detection fee through credit card. My first card did not work as the bank considered it as suspicious transaction because of USD and sent a message to my mobile to verify the transaction. Since mobiles are not allowed, I could not verify it and then used another card which worked. I will suggest to carry multiple cards including debit cards for back-up or carry cash or DD.

Here is how it went:

Me: Good morning
VO: Good morning, she is very cute (after looking at my daughter)

VO: Could you please give me papers and passports?
Me: Given

VO: Will you work at client side in US or at ABC office (my company which is a product based company)
Me: ABC, which is our head office.

VO: How many years have you worked with ABC?
Me: 9 years

VO: What salary will you get in US?
Me: xxx USD as base salary and yy% of base as annual bonus.

VO: Is it xxx USD? (She confirmed again)
Me: Yes

VO: What are you going to work in US?
Me: I will be working as an architect for XYZ product. I will be responsible for design and development of core components of XYZ and will work closely with business team to create and design the architecture of the product.

VO: Where are you going in US? Tell me city and state both.

VO: What are your roles and responsibilities in India?
Me: I am architect of AAA product which is previous generation of XYZ.....

VO: How many team members in India?
Me: I lead the development team in India, we have X developers in the team. I will be the first one in US for this work.

To my wife:

VO: Mam, are you working?

VO: What do you do?

VO: Do you have any other kid?

After this she stamped all 3 sets, gave me back two sets and said: Your visa is approved, keep these sets safe with you.

I feel the answers for specialization and US work should be simple enough for VO to understand. Be genuine, respond confidently, do not give much details in first answers, keep it crisp in 1-2 lines and provide more details if asked. Write your answers on paper and read it multiple times to look for any follow up questions.

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apskaushik     08/31/2019 00:38 AM

Hello All,

I need some help from other members of this forum. I am planning to apply for US visa, I was already in US for 7 years on L1A and H1B earlier. Last year I came back to India, now again I am planning to apply for fresh visa. My company is ready to file L1A or H1B for me , but I am confused what type of visa I should apply for ?

I am working as manager and handling 40+ big team in onshore/offshore in current project.


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Ankiya02     08/30/2019 22:36 PM

My L1B individual Visa is approved and i am travelling to US in November and my H1 is also picked in lottery.

So, in case H1 gets approved before November, will L1B be still be valid or i will have to convert it before leaving from India?

Can someone please help me regarding this?

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anja008     08/30/2019 13:02 PM

My visa interview is scheduled for next week and my attorney is still in final step of documents preparation and told that i will receive all documents in PDF format which i can take printouts and present during visa interview. Its L1B blanket visa and they will send all required documents . I am concerned and want to understand if its really required to have original copies of all documents ( i 129 , petition , cover letter etc) or Print outs are also ok. I thought they will send me by courier but may be due to time shortage they choose this path. Any suggestions???

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Sakshi_12     08/29/2019 16:03 PM

Hi All,

I have my L1B Visa scheduled for early next month. I have a few quick questions as below :

We have to pay Fraud Prevention Fee , what is the most accepted mode of payment for this fee? Can we use Credit Card or a Demand Draft is necessary? I heard there can be issues with Card Machines at the center.

Also, what all documents do I need to carry for this interview? is there any specific categorization of docs I need to prepare before I enter the premises?

I have my spouse accompanying me for this interview, what all documents do I need to carry for him? He was once denied a B1/B2 visa back in 2011, do you think that plays a major role? if asked about the same what will be the right way to answer that question?

Thank you!

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