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Ksong     10/04/2019 09:22 AM

Marriage bass, April filler
I filled in April, after my biometrics, I received RFE in the month of May, I responded and I got response by 6/17/2019. I attended my interview 9/13

I learnt EAD take 6month, when do I start counting, is it from April when turn my application in or June when USCIS received my RFE.

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Advice331     10/04/2019 09:12 AM

Why did my case switch from new cars being produced to case approved ? Really confused if anyone could help

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Lovelyme     10/04/2019 08:26 AM

Hello beautiful people
 Just wanted to ask after sending paperwork for renewal ead, how long does it take for USCIS to reply to you saying they received my files. It’s already been 3 weeks and I haven’t or get nothing from the mail. And when I checked tracking number it say arrived to the destination. Please let me know if u have any idea. Thank you!

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JuneC9Filer     10/04/2019 00:41 AM

Hi all,

I-765 (c9) filer.

PD: 6/17/2019
RFE: 9/27/2019

The RFE was for my I-485 asking for supporting docs for my joint sponsor. I have FedEx'd it and it will arrive at NBC on Monday. Any idea how long it will take for them to process after they receive the documents I send in?

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oumar83     10/04/2019 00:00 AM

 hi guys
how long it takes to get ssn card after EAD card received ?
i received my combo card last thursday but i still aint got my ssn card .

Is there anything that i have to do ?

good luck everybody and stay strong

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Obd123     10/03/2019 22:54 PM

I had my marriage base interview last week and till now , I haven’t received any decision yet . The interview was very smooth but don’t know why I haven’t heard of any decision yet . The next after the interview, online status changed to INTERVIEW COMPLETED AND YOUR CASE MUSTBE REVIEWED.
Does anyone know when I will hear of any decision?
Let me know your experience if you got any concerning this situation. . Thank you .
Field office : Denver FO

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mr.coolboy     10/03/2019 22:29 PM

If we are travelling out of country after filing adjustment of status .... do we need to carry anything else apart from advance parole card while reentering ?

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K1234     10/03/2019 21:53 PM

Hi, I’m a silent follower but would like to reach out to share my experience / ask for any advice.
I’m an L2 going through an EAD renewal. My RD date is Aug 15th and is being processed in Texas. I know it has not been that long but unfortunately my current EAD expired on Sept 10th and am currently unemployed with two kids and high monthly costs.
We usually renew my EAD alongside our L1/L2 renewal via premium processing and so the typical EAD processing times did not apply to us. However, they have just stopped premium processing for spouses and dependents and sadly we found out too late, hence the pickle I am now in.
I am wondering whether I should move forward with expediting my case and if so, will it even help? Or will it push my case further back in the queue. How do you go about expediting it? We were working with a law firm to submit my EAD application but I can’t afford to have them help with the expedition as they’ll charge. Any advice or insight would be great.
It’s just so unsettling not knowing when it will arrive, and the income that we are losing per month :( challenging times indeed.

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Advice331     10/03/2019 19:49 PM

I got a awesome update today saying new card is being produced for ead. Any idea when I will receive it and my social security card ? Thanks in advance pd December 24. 280 days of wait and silence.

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franko201967     10/03/2019 19:11 PM

Combo card is !??? EAD and ?

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