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Mms26     04/14/2019 02:32 AM

Hey guys, has anyone moved while awaiting your application and sent in the change-of-address form? If so, did it affect your application/processing times at all? I’m currently 1.5 months from sending my application in and I’m a bit concerned whether or not I should move.

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hampton     04/13/2019 10:45 AM

My F2B (adult child) priority date is current after 6.5 years. Priority date is Dec 2012. My I-485 was submitted in Sep 2018 in Houston, TX, biometrics was done in Oct and EAD received in Feb 2019.

Question: (1) How long it should take to get my interview and then Green Card?
(2) How the interview is called: based on priority date or based on I-485 submitted?

Thanks for the response.

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Raj_Rao     04/02/2019 00:44 AM

Hi Everyone,
Wanted to share my experience of getting Green Card for my mother who is based in India. I hope some of you find it useful, as there could be a lot of unknowns.
Once I got the Interview Appointment letter , I decided to fly to India to help my mother through the actual process, as she lived in Bangalore and the interview was in Mumbai.
So my narration will be with Mumbai , India in mind.

1. I will skip the whole process to start the green card, I think most of you are quite adept with it.

2. First things 1st , as soon as you get the Immigrant Visa Interview Appointment , please log in to the Indian consulate website (https://cgifederal.secure.force.com) , register and get an appointment for Biometrics. This is an absolute must before you can attend the actual interview.

3. Then call the Medical clinic "Rele Clinic" in Mumbai and and get an appointment , try to plan such that you can get every thing done in the oder (1. Medical , 2. BioMetrics and 3. The actual consular interview.) They require 8 photos as well. They also charge around 20,000 Rupees. so please have it ready.

4. Attend the Medical test , it would take 3-4 hours and you may be asked to come at 8 am. So it requires some planning , they have a very small waiting room , try to get some books or headphones to listen to music to pass time.

5. Medical clinic will give you the results at least after a day , most of then are open on Saturday , in case you are wondering. They will give 2 packages one for the consular interview and other brown package containing x-ray CDs to be given at the airport when she arrived to the US 1st time.

6. Next based on step 2, print the Biometrics appointment confirmation page. Please plan it such you have a day between medical, Biometrics and consular interview so you don't have to rush.

7. Next is BioMetrics: Make sure that print the confirmation page for the biometrics, it will NOT say that it's for BioMetrics , it will simply say VAC or Visa Application Center, it is 2 buildings away and will be at : 1st Floor, Parinee Crescenzo building.

8. You may NOT carry any bags or cellphone , smart watches. I did not carry even my wallets. Make sure you reach 30 minutes before the interview, they will allow only by appointment. Once in they will require a Confirmation page of DS-260 , which also is one of the MOST important documents along with Passport and the Appointment letter , with 2 photos.

9. Once that is done , they will put a sticker on your passport.

10. On the day of your consular interview , please reach there at least 45 minutes in advance. Again DO NOT carry any cell-phones, bags , smart watches, it will NOT be allowed.
a. It will be very chaotic as people will be asked to wait on the other side of the road. There will be all sorts of applicants , immigration, biz visa, visitor's visa, student visa and so on. Mumbai Police will be pushing people off the road , and it is one of those chaotic that you can only see in India. :)
But be patient and upbeat and wait for the person from the consulate to announce the batches.
b. One of the consulate people will infirm via a megaphone that they will take a batch of people as per the appointment time, they will only take immigrant visa folks 1st.
c Once you are ushered in, they will ask you to only keep these documents handle
-DS-260 confirmation
-Birth Certificate (or non-availability certificate)
-Marriage Certificate or if applicant's significant other's Death Certificate.
-Appointment letter
-Police Clearance Certificate
-Medical package
d. Once you are in , they will be taken in to the consulate building and will be made to sit in a very specific order , please follow their request as they work very hard to maintain order.
e. You will be given a token , and asked to wait on the seats.
f. Once your token is displayed it goes to a non-immigration office , who just checks the validity of the documents , and passport. If you require any additional clarification , he will give you a print out asking you that there is additional clarification needed, irrespective he/she will ask you to sit and wait for your turn.
g. Now you wait for your turn for the interview.
Our turn was called , I went with my mother and stood behind the counter window , my mother went to the window .
They asked for the above docs and verified. Then they asked following questions.
1. Where does your son work
2. How did he go to the US
3. Have you stayed for more than 6 months on any of your visits.

That is it. then the immigration officer told my mother hey she will approve her GC, she gave her a paper asking her to keep it safely and show it to the immigration office when she arrives in the US (they do not give out the brown envelopes anymore)..
She then went on to say that my mother will need to pay a $220 fee and they her son (me) will be able to pay it online.
She also told my mother that she will cancel her visitor's visa as she will get a GC.

So that was my experience .:)

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Zoila     03/31/2019 15:02 PM

Hi everybody, I'm so glad I found this website, I'm just going crazy of what I should do. I got married to an American citizen 4 months ago, and we filled I-130 three months ago, I visited him with a B2 Visa I had before marriage, but somebody suggested to stay and fill I-485 and ask for an Adjustment of status, but Im so confused about if I do that I cold be seen as if I lied to enter the country, I read an article that if you enter with B2 visa you can be seen as if you ce to stay.
If I fill the I-485 do I have to wait 90 days are I enter in the country USA?

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paperrev     03/25/2019 08:36 AM

Hello. My husband (US Citizen) filed the I-130 for me in December, and we are waiting on a response (we are going through consular processing in my home country). I have a question regarding the I-130 tracker that is also on this site.


When I look at the processing time, it seems that it may be a bit longer than the estimated processing times that are posted on other sites (at least 200 days for most). So I was wondering, are these processing times purely for getting a response on the I-130 or is it for the entire process (I+130 + I-485/consular processing)? Much appreciate any insight! Thank you!

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Bk.res     03/22/2019 00:08 AM

I have filed Affidavit of support for my husband in Oct 2018 in Brooklyn NY with the rest of paperwork.
At that time I was making enough money to support him for GC. However we are expecting a baby in June and I will be working only till May 2019. As far as I know the interview will happened sometimes in 2020.
I know that I can use his income to meet the required minimum of household income as long as he can prove that he will be receiving money from the same source after he gets GC. In our case it is possible because he has his own construction company.
My question is when and how should I let the USCIS know that our financial situation changed...Should I file new Affidavit of support now and send it in, or should I wait until the interview?
Please help.

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Chicagoapp     03/15/2019 23:38 PM

Hello All,

I have couple of questions regarding filing I-130 petition for my mother.
My brother is US citizen what documents do he need to submit with I-130 besides US passport and birth certificate? Are we required to submit Affidavit of Support form I 864 with petition or just form I 130, petitioner passport and birth certificate? If anyone know what are the other documents we need to send with petition it will be great help and I will appreciate that. Thanks

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Chicagoapp     03/15/2019 23:37 PM

Hello All,

I have couple of questions regarding filing I-130 petition for my mother.
My brother is US citizen what documents do he need to submit with I-130 besides US passport and birth certificate? Are we required to submit Affidavit of Support form I 864 with petition or just form I 130, petitioner passport and birth certificate? If anyone know what are the other documents we need to send with petition it will be great help and I will appreciate that. Thanks

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itslambanam     03/14/2019 19:02 PM

Hi everyone, this website has been very helpful for me concerning the information I needed to collet my documents so I decided to share with my experience too. Hope it helps somebody too.

Durham/Raleigh, NC
Paperwork received 2/28/18
Biometrics done 3/12/18
RFE received 3/28/18
 (they requested to add more evidence of financial situation since they said my husband couldn't meet the requirements. which wasn't true, we checked with the provided table and consulted with a fellow lawyer, so we just sent more ITS stuff and explained why we think they made a mistake)
EAD 9/15/18
January 2019 - Contacted them, since I waited too long and they said they will contact me via email in 2 weeks. nobody did, but:
1/16/19 - Ready to schedule interview
2/4/19 - Interview Scheduled

The day of interview. I made all the preparations which were three folders: two identical ones - one b&W copy of evidence bona fide, second one was in color copy, separate folder with all the paperwork sent previously with forms and additional documentation. Made an Album of pictures with small descriptions in a timeline manner.

First, just want to say we were super lucky! Our guy was awesome, he was young, had a tattoo sleeve that he previously covered (we talked about it later), he was super friendly and welcoming. I tried to turn off my phone but I didn't know how because it's IPhone XS Max and apparently they changed it. We laughed about it, because he knew exactly why I was struggling. He said as long as I don't record what's happening there it should be fine. So we talked a little bit his office and he finally asked us about how and when we met.Asked us how it all started and how long it continued until the proposal. He also asked me for my ID, EAD and my Diploma from college received in May 2018.He asked us if we ever met any of our parents, which we did (my mom has travel visa and we visited her in NYC couple of times when she was there visiting her friends) and of course I've seen his. He also wanted to know if there was ever a moment when we has to rush marriage, but I explained that I had my college going on and we never exactly rushed into it. He said it's cool, sometimes when it's just necessary like you fell in love but you significant other has to leave, you might be able to kinda rush it.
Then I was asked questions like his parents names and where he was born, he was asked the same stuff. we laughed about the fact that my husband tried to show off and tell my parents short names, which the guy wouldn't know anyway. Then we tried to give him the evidence folder to look through it so it wasn't like I spent all these hours making it for nothing lol he flipped through it as we told him how we got engaged and that it was a funny story at the beach where I fell and got myself a fat lip and during LIVE facebook proposal didn't look so good. He apparently just recently got engaged too so we talked about him picking out the ring and how tough a task it could be for a guy. So, basically this whole thing didn't really feel like an interview, and I was told we will be videotaped by I never noticed anything like a camera in an office.He told us we had more than enough evidence, barely look at my album, but he said it looked just the way we should make one for the unconditional GC later. He just confirmed my name and other info for GC and talked to us if we know what to do after we get it. He just said you're good to go. In the end of an interview we even asked for local restaurant recommendation haha. I just feel so lucky with our guy, he made it possible for us to be as open and comfortable as I wanted to be in the beginning. I hope you find something useful in my story. Ask if you have any questions when my memory is still fresh haha
3/12/19 - Card is Being produced

I hope I will get it any day now, maybe next week because we are already planning a trip to my hometown. Wish you all guys to actually enjoy your future interviews like we did! And Godspeed

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Mikech     03/12/2019 18:58 PM

I got married in feb 2018, got our baby in october, send file to apply for GC and received our receipt on dec 31st,, I am a citizen and wife is on avisitor visa, can you please help me find out time line, she already did finger prints and now waiting, when should we expect work permission card and social, also anytimeline for interview, how long the whole process is taking?
Thanks in advance

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