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umeshsak     05/19/2014 18:41 PM


I have submitted my document on March 27th for Family based OCI at BLS SFO. As of todat the document printing status is - UNDER-PROCESS. BLS won't take any calls and Cox & Kings has no clue about the application until May 21st. My Trip is scheduled for June but that seems like up in the air.

I was able to talk with cgisf staff member on Friday. The lady advised that there is no way I can get my OCI until June End due to the recent provider change. My status has been granted at SFO but the documents have not been printed at Delhi. Possibly the "Babu's" are not at work due to election and there is nobody up to report to.

The lady also advised that not to send the documents for Visa till May 21st in the middle of provider switch. It is quite frustrating yet there is little to nothing can be done that waiting....

I am also relying on updates from people who's acknowledgement date is about 1st week of April. I hope everybody updates the tracker promptly.


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IndianinPHX     05/17/2014 14:49 PM

Hello fellow Indians,

I have applied for my kids OCI renewal in March with CGI - SFO. There is no update and with the new outsourcing change, neither BLS nor Cox & Kings (the new contractor) knows the status. Emails to CGI SFO is not responded. Can I apply for tourist Visa? Have any of you done that?

My trip is coming up in June and I'm getting nervous.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Iindiatousa     03/17/2014 17:14 PM

Hello Dear Indian,

I am sharing recent experience with BLS International Services. (It is new Company since June 2013 connected to Indian embassy (SFO, USA))

I have shipped my all documents(related to OCI and Renunciation application togather) on 13th of JAN, 2014. I have used FedEx Currier service.

******I have included below listed Documents in FedEx Envelop****

{Please find OCI Application along with supporting Documents required in following sequence}

? Signed OCI Application Form with attached Photograph
? BLS Order Form
? OCI Application Fee (Money Order: $282.70)
? Copy of United States Passport
? Copy of Naturalization Certificate
? Copy of Birth Certificate
? Proof of Indian Origin :- Most recent Indian passport (original not copy)
? Two (2) copies of the completed Renunciation Form
? Renunciation Fee (Money Order: $182.70)
? Copies of the first three pages and the last two pages of the most recent Indian passport
? Proof of Address: - Copy of Driver License

--> After sending all these documents, I got First email with OCI tracking number on 21st JAN, 2014.


Current Aplication Status : Your OCI Card and US Passport have been dispatched to you on 12-03-2014 11:13. It may take up to 48 hours for the tracking to reflect in the Courier website.

OCI Application Received at the BLS Office: 20-01-2014 , 09:37
OCI Application accepted by BLS :20-01-2014
OCI Application Processed and Ready to be submitted to the Consulate : 20-01-2014 , 15:14
OCI Application Submitted to the Consulate :11-03-2014 ,17:42
Application processed by Consulate : 11-03-2014 ,17:42
OCI Card Ready for Passport Match-up : 24-02-2014 11:27
OCI Original US Passport received at BLS for Match-up of OCI Card :28-02-2014 15:22
OCI Original US Passport Sent to Consulate for Match-up : 28-02-2014 15:23
OCI Card and Original US Passport Received at BLS from Consulate : 11-03-2014 , 17:42
OCI Card handed over to Applicant :-
OCI Card and Renunciation Dispatched Via Courier : 12-03-2014 , 11:13

Hope fully I got everything on 3rd March, 2014 in my Hand.

If you have any problem then please go on this link:- http://visa.blsindia-usa.com/d_San_Francisco_contact.php
and escalate your case. They will get back you and assist you.

*** when you track your application and if you see your application status updated with date and time, then and then its valid status.

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cunha     02/15/2014 23:41 PM

My wife and I are Indian nationals with Indian passports. Our children are above 18 and one under 18. We live in Canada and are permanent residents. Can my adult children apply for OCI on their own? If so what are the requirements. Any help is appreciated.

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r2indian     12/31/2013 00:02 AM

I would like to add my experience/suggestion about how to Renounce your OCI. There is not a single place with all the information that's needed, in order to successfully Renounce your OCI. I have sent the FedEx with the application forms for more than two times and each time I got a different reply back. This is mainly for the DC Jurisdiction and hope it will help someone. This is what I did:

1. Form XXII, get it Notarized from a Bank or someone after filling it. Make sure to sign it in front of the Notary.
2. Form XXIIA, fill it and send it in the package.
3. Affidavit a letter with the Reason that you are Renouncing your OCI. I wrote a Simple letter with the Reason, in my case it was because I am applying for a Security Clearance for a Job. Sign it and Get it Notarized as well.
4. Current Utility Bill, a Copy which is not Older than 3 Months should work.
5. Copy of your Drivers License.
6. Copy of your US passport
7. Copy of your Indian passport that was cancelled and given back to you. I got my Citizenship in 2008 so I do not qualify under the new Rules of Renunciation after 2010.
8. Copy of your Naturalization Certificate that was issued by the US govt.
9. Copy of your OCI Card

Make a Copy of 1 through 8 and send it together with the Following.

1. Cashier's' check for $32.70, payable to BLS International, USA. Check the applicable fee.
2. Pre-paid FedEx return envelop with Computer printed Label, do not use the Handwritten one.
3. BLS Order form after you fill all the Information.
4. Original OCI Card

With all this, you shall be able to Renounce your OCI. Good Luck.

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bmat123     06/24/2013 14:50 PM

Hi All

Wanted to share my experience applying for OCI at the Houston consulate since this is the first Google Search website that comes up when I search for status.


05/9/2013 11:57pm CST Service order form completed online
05/13/2013 11:12am CST OCI application arrived in the mail at Travisa Outsourcing.
05/13/2013 2:28pm CST Application assigned for processing
05/13/2013 3:04pm CST Order form and supporting documents received, payment processed
05/13/2013 4:50pm CST Documents prepared to go to Embassy.
05/15/2013 8:43am CST Documents dispatched from Travisa Outsourcing Office to Consulate
05/15/2013 9:55am CST Documents received by Consulate
05/20/2013 2:00pm CST Pending approval of the Government of India
06/17/2013 10:08am CST OCI Card received at the Consulate from Delhi, India.
06/18/2013 11:48am CST Mail package acknowledged at Outsourcing Office.
06/18/2013 4:31pm CST Passport prepared to go to Consulate
06/19/2013 8:45am CST Documents dispatched from Travisa Outsourcing Office to Consulate
06/19/2013 10:09am CST Documents received by Consulate
06/21/2013 10:55am CST Outsourcing office has verified the OCI is processed correctly. Waiting for mail courier pick up and is likely to be mailed out tomorrow.
06/21/2013 11:46am CST Passport mailed out.
(trimmed out some content to make it more readable)

On the consulate webiste it had a process time of 3mts it took about 6 weeks from the time the application left my hands to the time I got the OCI in hand. This was done through Travisa from start to finish. However the day after my passport was received at the consulate (6/20/2013) Travisa had a notice saying that they will not be handling visa's anymore due to changes in the Indian Gov policies, it would now be handled by a company called BLS International.

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Vinny     04/09/2013 16:41 PM

i am planning to travel to India this July and heard that we need to restamp the OCI card from the expired passport to the new US passport. After reading through all the hoops I have to jump to get it restamped, i am thinking i will go with both the passports. Can somebody share their experience if they had gone through the similar situation of travelling to India?



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meena     04/06/2013 01:46 AM

My OCI card was issued abroad. I also have a foreign passport where my old OCI sticker is there. I now have a new foregin passport with no OCI sticker.
When I am trying to use the OCI miscellaneous services online I cannot use it as the information does not match.

 Is it that OCI issued abroad cannot use Miscellaenous services online in India for change of occupation.
Thank you

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amirpanjwani     02/28/2013 06:38 AM

On London Heathrow Airport staff of Jetairways Mr.Jayesh Patel illegally with malafied intension denied to issue boarding pass for travelling her from London to Mumbai on the ground that she was not possessing the old passport containing the ‘U’ visa sticker with her while coming to India.

As per Delegated Powers and functions of State Governments / UT Administrations/ FRROs/ FROs in Visa matters under Sr.No. 31 it is clearly mentioned that “In many cases, it has been noticed that the ‘U’ visa sticker is endorsed on the old passport and the OCI card holders do not carry the old passport containing the ‘U’ visa sticker while coming to India. In such cases, the Immigration authorities normally give Temporary Landing Facility for 3 days.”

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Rimple- ()     10/31/2012 16:58 PM

Order History

Current as of 10/31/2012 3:44pm EST



08/09/2012 10:18am EST

Service order form completed online

08/10/2012 3:22pm EST

OCI application arrived in the mail at Travisa Outsourcing. Please allow Travisa Outsourcing up to 7 business days before the application status changes. Note that your application will undergo several steps before the status is updated.

08/10/2012 3:23pm EST

Application assigned for processing

08/13/2012 11:59am EST

Order form and supporting documents received, payment processed

08/13/2012 12:01pm EST

Outsourcing office has received OCI application, but cannot process further. Application is on hold.

08/16/2012 2:56pm EST

Travisa Outsourcing has matched up your documents, and we are preparing your application to go to the Consulate shortly.

08/27/2012 6:28pm EST

Documents prepared to go to Embassy.

08/28/2012 9:31am EST

Documents dispatched from Travisa Outsourcing Office to Consulate

08/28/2012 12:32pm EST

Documents received by Consulate

08/31/2012 2:00pm EST

Pending approval of the Government of India

Photo/Signature at Mission : Scanned On 20-OCT-2012
Registration Status at Mission : Granted On 25-OCT-2012
Documents Printing Status PRINTED On 25-OCT-2012
OCI No. A1203201 Visa No. U1203201
Dispatched From MOIA (OCI ): On 30-OCT-2012
Documents Received at WASHINGTON NOT YET

Does anybody know?? how long it takes from delhi to washignton .... I am flying India on Nov 9 . I have 5 Business days to get email . Should i wait for OCI card email alert or i should get visitor visa......... ?? please help Thanks

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