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Krishna- ()     03/30/2005 05:18 AM

I attended H1B interview at calcutta . they have asked me a few questions which are:
Q1. How long u have been working in this company?
Q2. Wht is ur role in the company
Q3.They asked me about my employer?
Q4.Who interviewed you?
Q5. How many employees are working.

Everything i answered well. The no. of employees in the company they said is 30 to 35 people. they have submitted some documents stating that the no. of employees are 15. Officer asked me how u got this number. Told them one of the employee had told me. Officer said it is worng.
Finally officer said 'll send ur application to chennai for the final verification but that doesn't mean that we r not going to reject ur VISA.

i booked the appointment to chennai. have to go for the final round in next week.
if any one had faced similar kind of situatuion please suggest me wht should i do?
Krishna C

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rahul- ()     03/28/2005 06:31 AM


recently i went to chennai consualte to attend interview..following is the transcript..

Me : good afternoon sir,
Off: good afternoon..may i have ur docs
i had given all my docs
Off: How long u have been working with xxx company(current employer)
Me : since 1 year
Off: How much is ur salary
Me : xx lacs
Off: Why do want to work with xxx company(US employer)
Me : To get an international experience and bla..bla
Off:Is your brother working in US
Me : yes sir,since 5 years
Off:What is your educational qualification ?
Me : BE (ECE)
Off: Show me your certificate
i have shown the certificate..he verified and issued the visa..

Dont worry about the visa..Be ready with all the documents and genunine information..you will get stamped


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Chilukuribalaji- ()     03/27/2005 09:42 AM

Hai all,
I am filing my H1 for 2006 quota(Premium),
Can anyone say that can I appear for VISA after getting the Papers from my Employer or Do I need to wait till October,
pls let me know

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Sri- ()     03/25/2005 15:53 PM

My wife visited Delhi Consulate for H4 visa last week. She was asked abt my company and they verified marriage registration certificate and marriage photos, they dint ask anything extra than that. You people can also think of sending your wives to Delhi for H4's.

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Sri- ()     03/25/2005 15:53 PM

My wife visit Delhi Consulate for H4 visa last week. She was asked abt my company and they verified marriage registration certificate and marriage photos, they dint ask anything extra than that. You people can also think of sending your wives to Delhi for H4's.

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Naag- ()     03/19/2005 17:55 PM

Hi all,

i went to chennai american consulate last week(march 11th, friday) and attended the H1B visa stamping interview there. It went fine and i have got the visa stamped.

It took just 25minutes for the whole process of entering into the consulte and coming out. Actually, the interview went for just 3minuites, but the process of checking the documents, waiting for the call from counter guyz went for 15 minutes. Thatz all. The process was so cool and iam told to pay the fee at the counter by the interviewer. The transcripts are:

Interviewer: Show me your offer letter from US employer.
Me: I have shown all the documents that i have recieved from my US employer.

Interviewr: Alright, what is your name?
Me: Kapu Nagalinga Reddy

Interviewr: Tell about your US employer??
Me: <Company XXXXXX> is a technology consulating and software devolping firm that provides business solutions to business clients in the United Sates of America.

Interviewer: Where is this company located?
Me: Dallas city in Texas state.

Interviewer: To which place you are going in United States?
Me: Dallas city in Texas state

Interviewer: How long will you stay there?
Me: Around 2+years

Interviewer: How did you come to know about your US Employer?
Me: One of my classmate, Mr.ABCDEF, iw working with this company for the past 2years. He has referred me to this company saying that it is very professional. So i have forwarded my resume at [email protected]. They have conducted the technical interview & face-to-face interview and offered me the job on the same day.

Interviewer: Is he getting the pay in time?
Me: yup

Interviewer: Show me your PostGraduation certificate?
Me: I have shown the M.Sc(Computer Science) convocation ceritificate. He verified it going thru the all the US employer documents. Then he returned me all the documents and said, "Ok, go to the counter and pay the fees. All the best." Then i have collected all the doucments and checked whether i got all the documents & certificates that were submitted there and went to the said counter and paid the feed. They have issued a reciept to safe it.

Thatz all. It took jst 3-4minites to complete the interview process and i confirmed my visa. I have recieved the passport with visa stamped on march 16(wednesday).

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Swapna- ()     03/17/2005 14:03 PM


my situation is differnet. we had H1 visa with x company and y company filed for transfer of h1 when i was back home.we came back to country on x h1.

Can a company file for H1 transfer while the employee is out of country

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Deepak- ()     03/14/2005 19:37 PM

What if, someone is having problem in understanding the interviewer's question, can he/she ask for a translator.

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Steve- ()     03/11/2005 23:36 PM

I have just had my H1-B Visa aproved after being deported for working and living ilegally in the USA on last year. Someone told me that the Visa is not a garantee I will enter the country due to the Homeland Security officer that will be making me questions and if I do not answer the questions correctly they will deport me. Is this true? What kind of questions are those? Is there any way I prepare myself for what they will require from me at the Customs? What do I have to know? Please help me? Thank you very much.

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Vinay- ()     03/11/2005 18:43 PM

   Got married in Dec 2004 and had to live to US immediately.Sent my wife to Mumbai US Consulate with all the papers, since my wife is from Goa.
   She was asked to approach Chennai consulate since the principal applicant, (that is myself) is from Bangalore.We got this information after 3 months of wait time.The earliest appointment available in Chennai is in July.
  Can I approach Delhi consulate and get her H4 faster ? Please advise....

Thanks for your time,

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