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F1 visa experience in Vancouver, Canada
I want to share my my F1 visa experience as I recently got my f1 visa from Vancouver, Canada. I am on a dependent ( F2) visa in the USA. I got admission into a state university and wanted to change my status from f2 to f1. But, recently f2 to f1 visa conversion is taking more time and I decided to go ahead for my f1 visa interview in Canada. As this was an easier option for me rather than going all the way to India for my f1 visa interview.

I applied for a Temporary resident Visitor visa to Canada in October , and got my Canadian visitor visa in 2 weeks. Then, once I got my I-20 from the university, I made all the necessary documents ready and booked my slot for f1 visa interview in Vancouver . My interview was on 9th December , early morning at 7.30 .

I reached the U.S. consulate at 7.10 waited in the line. there were around 10 people ahead of me. they checked all the files and documents we were carrying, sent us inside where we had a thorough checking through scanners. I was then sent to a counter where a lady asked me what my status was in Canada and the purpose of my trip. I replied Visitor status and that I had come for f1 visa interview.
She then gave me a token and asked me to sit and wait. After 15 min, I was called to a counter where my finger prints were taken and the
Person asked me to go to the 20th floor for my interview.

There was a lift to go to the 20 th floor, I reached the floor and saw that there were around 6 people ( don't remember clearly) . I took a seat , was tensed and waited there patiently. I noticed that there were 2 more Indians who came for their h1 renewal, and that 2 counters were only active as it was early in the morning. Counter 3 was the nearest one where I heard a Chinese lady attending her Visitor visa interview. she got her visa approved. then another guy who was an Indian was called to the same counter, I could hardly hear what he was saying but after some time, heard him say thank you so, it was understood that he got his visa too.
then my token number 16 was displayed, to counter number 3. I got up tensed took my file and passport, I-20 . I wished the officer Good morning. he smiled and responded to me. Told me give my passport and I-20 . I handed over to him and waited for the next question. He asked if I was there for my F1 renewal. I replied no, and it was for my first time F1 visa application.

The questions the officer asked are below:

1. Which University
2. What course?
3. Who is sponsoring you? Replied my father
4.give me your sevis fee receipt and show me how are you planning to fund your education. Showed him the bank statements of Indian banks and also Affidavit of Support . The officer went through all the documents and looked into my I-20 and I noticed that he saw the fees mentioned on it and if I had enough funds to cover my education.
5. Have you been to Usa before? I said yes and that I am on F2 visa
6 . What is your husband doing?
7. Where did he graduate from?
8. How long is the duration of your course?
I confidently gave all the answers clearly and to the point.

He then started typing something for 5 min, there was silence and I was so tensed on what he would say next. Then, those Golden words came.
your F1 visa is approved and Congratulations:):)
I was so happy , he then gave me a green form and told me that I can collect my passport in 3 to 5 business days, and I will be mailed if it is ready for pick up.
He then asked me when is the start date of my program.. I replied and he stopped me, told me that he has to cancel my existing F2 visa as I can go back to the USA on F1 visa. He then wished me good luck for your studies.
I thanked him and said thank you and have a good day officer. he wished me good day too.
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