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Interview experience in Ankara
Our CP experience in Ankara (it is going to be long)

DV 2006 winner with case number 2006AS39xx
My husband was the main applicant.

We have married four years ago. As our country (IRAN) does not have any US consulate, our interview has been scheduled in Ankara (Turkey).

Interview : 9th of March

Travel to Turkey : 6 of March

On 7th of March we went to the authorized medical center which KCC introduced to us in our 2nd NL for medical exam.

In the morning we had our blood test and x-ray and in the afternoon medical examination and vaccination and half an hour time the result was ready. It was a very simple and quick procedure which last all in one day.

Next day we had sight seeing Ankara and found the location of US consulate that fortunately was very close to our hotel.

Slept with lot of stress and anxiety very soon as our interview had been scheduled for the next day at 8:30.


We went to the embassy at 7:30. The weather was pretty cold and it was snowing. They had opened the door at 8:30!!!!!!! .

There were only a few people standing on queue at that day and we were the only Iranian plus three Turkish families who won the lottery.

When the door opened they have compared our passports with their own appointment registered. And one by one has been guided toward small front yard where we had security check.

Then there was another queue a guy asked for our passports, two photos and the medical result (nobody asked for the appointment letter).

He reminds us that we should pay $755 individually and gave us ticket having showing our number and we went inside.

They collected our cell phone and checked the hand bags. Still I was bitterly cold. We went inside at sat.

Then a nice young lady called us and asked for my husband’s original High school diploma that I told her we have sent all the required documents (original, translation and certified copy) two w! eeks ago by DHL (In US consulate in Ankara people should sent their required documents via express courier before the interview) and she found it.

Then she asked for the fee. And we came back and wait.

Less than five minutes our number has been announced (at 9 O’clock) for the interview. This time there was a young American guy who could speak Persian language very fluently.

I spoke English with him while my husband preferred to speak Persian. At first he took his finger print and then asked some questions such as his job in Iran (he is working in MAZDA factory), is it his first ever job? How long he is working there? He asked about his military service? How long we have married and whether we have any child? And whether we have traveled to US before? Then he returned all the original documents to us except my Birth Certificate.

Also he very carefully checked our original married certificate with its certified copy. Then he asked my husband to sign the end of the form and s! wear an oath that everything which has been mentioned was right.

Then it was my term, took finger print asked about my job, whether it was my first job? Is the company where I am working belong to government or private (I am working in Oil Company) section? Then he asked about Affidavit of Support and he said who the person supporting us that I told him he is my uncle and he said he is living in a very nice area in USA (New Mexico). And I swear an oath and sign the forms.

At the end he said everything was OK but he needs the form W2 from my supporter belong to the year 2004 we had the W2 for the year 2005 and he said there is going to be security clearance which normally takes between 4 to 6 weeks and said when our case number appears on US consulate website we should come with the W2 form for visa.

It was all. They were all very friendly and kind although I thought as we are coming from Iran and because of political relation between Iran and USA and nowadays nuclear crises they maybe have different behavior but it was not right. Although I am sure we will have more security check and hope it will not take longer than 6 weeks.

Now 9 days has been passed and I hope our FBI check gets ready soon. I will inform you when the clearance has been done.
Again I would like to thank all of you who during this period were such helpful friend for me and wish all of you best.
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