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Successful Experience in Tunisia
hello all

4 months ago I went through the CP in Tunisia

Last years I found this message board very useful and supportive, rich of fantastic people willing to help and encourage each other.

Since I have not posted many message during this time I feel a little bit guilty hence I decided to post my experience hoping it will be of some help for people that is still dreaming for a new life.

Especial thanks to the Aussie people for good job they doing in the board. I’m from North African region and DV2006 was my 1th attempt to win the DV lottery.

I had my interview on Tunisia in 2o of Nov, 2005. everythink was perfect Except the address in USA, where the Green Card should be send after I arrival to USA. So, the Counselor officer asked my that "do u have an address , telephone number, name of any person in USA" I replied " Yes, I will send t to you afternoon" then He told me that you should send us by fax as soon as possible to start the administrative process.

He said by law we cannot issue and send the GC to address overseas. Which means that no green card issued unless you have "address, telephone number and name of any person live in USA". So, all guys u have to find someone there to obtain ur GC.

I couldn’t get the address , name, phone of my friends in USA that day. 2 days later the Embassy called me asking for the address and etc .. of my friends. One day later I sent the information by fax , I received conformation email from that they received my fax and they started the administrative process , which my t! ake from 2week to 3months as they told me. After 2months and half I called the embassy asking about my application, they said that" we didn’t the respond from USA yet.

I called again after 3months and week, they said "we haven’t received any respond yet but we sent a reminder to USA regard to your administrative process.

After 4months I received any email from the embassy saying that "we received positive respond from USA, and it is valid for only three months, you have to come to the embassy to get ur visa stamped and preferable 2 weeks b4 the expired date, incase the visa machine doesn't work.

Medical Exam, I had Medical Exam, Ex ray and the vaccines in Tunisa 2 days b4 my interview date, and it was easy and the result was perfect. Doctor gave me sealed envelope and told me to keep the ex-ray until u arrival to USA, cos they will ask u about it in the airport when u get there.

Police certificate

I lived most of my live in my home country "A" and 10 months in country "B "and 4 years in country "C" Aussie. I Optioned PCs of country A even though, it was not available in USA list, country B even though I had not been there for a year or more than that, Aussie PC which took 4 weeks to get it done. The Counselor was so happy and thanks me for bringing PCs of country A,B even they dnt ask for that. He also said that we might would ask to bring PC of country B cos u lived there nearly a year " 10 months" but it is good u brought it .

Financial Support I gave them my bank statement which has on it almost 25000 Aus, ( which nearly 19000 usa) was accepted by them, he didn’t ask about it. I think it is consider a big a mount of money and hard to be offered in the region. Other reason is that I am well educated person "holding a master degree" , so they believe that it easy for me to get job in USA .

I am confused and have a big problem now, cos I did nt include my gf in my application cos I knew her just for 2months ago and we agreed to get married.

I am asking you that is it still possible to include her as wife to my GC or not. If not is there any other type of visa which allows her to come to usa till she got GC after 5 as years. Any one has any Q regard to my experience most welcome

all best to you regards
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