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Successfull CP at Jakarta - Indonesia
May 2005 Recieved first package. Contact KCC couple times via email, they replayed slowly. Read and write the form carefully. Sent back the form using UPS after 1 week.

Nov 2005 Received second package, schedule for interview 27 dec (6 weeks to go) Week 1 - Get police certificate at POLDA (Jakarta HQ), only takes half days because my father knew some police PC cost about 60,000 rupiah or about 6 USD. I think will takes more times and money if you don’t know anybody there.

Get medical check-up form from US embassy. First contact with embassy

You don’t need to queue with other visa applicant because immigrant visa applicant can go inside directly but sometimes the guards don’t understand that. Just be proactive by ask around except you have plenty times to hang around embasy. I don’t know why they don’t send the form with second package, I think its waste of time just to get the form.

I went to one of chosen physician. Its child physician (what it called in English?), so I waited together with moms and children’s, quite strange Everything ok, cost me 200,000 rupiah / 20 USD. I went to lab for blood test at same days, cost about 110,000 rupiah / 11 USD. Both results send directly to embassy.

Now about public charges, I read at forums about avidavit of support and asset amount. I try to get avidavit of support to my friend but not success because the form ask many personal matter. Then I have to go with personal asset. Luckily my savings used for family saving so I have total about 16,000 USD in my asset (from savings and mutual funds) even though its not all my money. I went to banks (3 banks) to get bank reference, cost me 50,000 rupiah / 5 USD each. Its takes 1 week to complete so be prepare.

Dec 20 Everything is complete then I go to embassy for document screening on 20 dec. The lady checks all documents and takes everything except original docs. She ask me for address at US to send plastic greencard, I give her my friend address. She said must have address in US, so you need to be prepare. Then she told me to come for interview on 22 dec. (sooner... great!)

Dec 22 Then the day has come... I wake up at 3:30 (excited) then get ready. Arrive at embassy at 7:30 but stopped by guard in front street. He asking me to queue with others, I told him I came for immigrant visa but he dont care. Quite upset that time because my interview is at 8:00. I join in behind of queue for while then when other guard pass by I ask him. This time he asks me to wait but in front of queqe. After while again I ask other guard (senior one) then he let me pass directly. Now come to front gate, there are some queqe too to get inside the gate. I go directly to guard then tell him I come for immigrant interview. He let me pass the gate directly. Inside gate I need to pass another security to come inside. I ask the guard there but he insists me to join the queue. This time no luck, I need to queue together with other. Its takes about 45 minutes just to get inside. I finally got inside at 8:30, already many people inside. Lots of wait now, wait about 30 min then hand over my docs, Wait again about 45 min then pay the fee. Wait about 30 min then give the receipt. Then wait (like forever) to call for interview. Finally at 10:30 I got call to counter 1. The interviewer was speaking in Indonesia language even I speak in English. He ask simple question like how many times I enter DV, when I will go to US, My current job, What kind of software I develop (I am an IT consultant). Then finally he said everything done and I can pick my passport at 28 Dec. Enjoy your trip to California he said which I replay with big smile

Dec 28 I week later I came to get my passport. They give my package that can't open and my passport with immigrant visa. Now I am ready to go dreamland

I plan to go on March/April to california.
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