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B1 Visa Rejected Chennai
I attended my visa interview on Feb-2nd and got rejected 214(b) slip.

Location: Chennai

VO: Hello! (Lady without any expression)
Me: Hello! Good Afternoon

VO: Good afternoon. Passport please.
Me: Yes

VO: Where are you going in the US?
Me: Plano, Texas

VO: How long you will be staying?
Me: 10 days, from March 10th till 20th.

VO: What is the purpose of your visit?
Me: My company XXX is currently working on a third party application for their day to day business from last 20 years. Now company wants their own application to be created. Since Indian branch is just started (last year) there are no experienced people who can explain everything. So they are sending me to US for training and meetings so that I can talk to each and every department in person.

VO: What is your designation?
Me: Senior Software Engineer

VO: When did you join this company?
Me: 2 months before. 21st Nov.

(I understood that it is very unrealistic that a senior software engineer is building a application. But it is the truth.)

VO: What is your annual Income?
Me: 11 Lakhs per annum, 86000 per month

VO: Have you been to any country before?
Me: Not yet.

VO: Sorry I cannot approve your visa. Please give this slip to your employer.

(received 214(b). It states that I was not able to explain my ties in India. VO did not ask a single question about any ties and did not even look at me. She was looking at her monitor and was typing.

Please help what went wrong here. Is it because of the designation and purpose? Purpose is genuine and I was confident.

Thanks in advance.
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