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GOT IT CP in Italy DV2006
GOT IT CP in Italy DV2006

Yes, just 3 weeks ago my wife and me went through the CP in Italy.

In the last 2 years I found this message board very useful and supportive, rich of fantastic people willing to help and encourage each other.

Since I have not posted many message during this time I feel a little bit guilty hence I decided to post my experience hoping it will be of some help for people that is still dreaming for a new life.

I’m Italian and DV2006 was my 8th attempt to win the DV lottery (yes sometime you have to be perseverant).

In the last 6 years I used a law firm to enter my lottery application, is not necessary and I don’t think you have any advantage in doing so, but if you live in a country where the postal service is unreliable you are more comfortable to have an address in USA.

The 14th of June I received an e-mail by the law firm informing me I was one of the GC winner.

After few day they sent me the packet containing NL, forms and instruction. I hired again our lawyer to help us in filling form and to have a check on our documentation.

It was very expensive and not so helpful as I thought in the beginning, but for thing of such importance I need someone that can give me more confidence in the whole process and a reliable address.

We filled forms and started to collect all documentation mentioned in the first packet. Meanwhile I called the consulate in Naples to ask if they need all my documents translated in English or notarized, but apart for my wife’s police and birth certificate (she is German) nor translation or notarization are required. It seem an easy process afterwards, but it has taken a lot of stamina.

I have felt strange sensation during those months excitation, anxiety, fear, frustration, happiness, … well it was like living a whole life in just few months.

For October we were ready but our number EU 0050XX, even if low, was not current.

It is terrible to have a lot of time in front of you with nothing you can do to accelerate the process.

I have rearranged our documentation at least 20 times, checked and rechecked everything almost everyday, called the Consulate in Naples another 5 times, called my lawyer in USA 10 time… and then at the beginning of November we received our second packet telling us that our interview was fixed for the 21st of December (what a beautiful Christmas gift).

As for the first packet there was some incorrect or unclear statement, so I called Naples again.

Photos are to be taken as for the DV Application, not ¾ as mentioned in the instruction and you have to be at the consulate the day before (the 20th in our case) for medical examination.

No one was able to tell me the actual vaccination required. They accept Euro only for medical and Dollars or Euro (they change Euro for Dollars at a fixed rate) for the VISA.

They do no accept credit/debit card for none of the above. Who knows Naples knows is very unsafe to go around with such a lot of money (we had 3,000$ cash with us) and more unsafe is to drive a car there.

So we decided to take a train and to arrive there 2 days before (in Italy you have to anticipate strike!).

We booked an hotel on the seaside promenade where the Consulate is located just 1 mile away from it. The 20th we arrived at the Consulate at 8 o’clock.

There was about 20 people outside the consulate (Consulate in Naples is the only one that give Immigration Visa for Italy, Iran, Iraq, Malta and other middle east countries) and my wife and me were the only for the DV.

At 8:30 the policeman at the gate asked for passport, after about 15 minute they let enter people trough the gate one by one, giving back passports and a number.

At about 9 we were inside.

We had a ****l detector check and the information office at the entrance told us to go right trough a corridor to the room 12.

This is a small open room (no doors) with about 20 chairs with 4 counters on the left side.

After few minutes a very rude Italian woman start to ask for forms calling by number and we were first (our number was 4).

Since it was the day for medical examination I give her the medical forms sent us by KCC in the second packet.

She started yelling that she want the DS-230 and DSP-122 and she has no time ! to loose.

I reply very calm that our DS and DSP were sent to KCC but if she wants I have a copy of originals with me (so even if it is the medical examination day bring everything with you and bring a copy of everything).

She took my forms and asked for two photos for each of us (this was not mentioned in the second packet, the only photos required was 1 for medical examination they asked me afterwards).

I handed her our photos (I had about 6 photos for each of us) and waited. After about 30 min our number was called at the counter, they give me back my form copies (they are not necessary for DV applicant but it was not known by the mean Italian woman) and the photos submitted to the KCC with the DS forms.

Then they asked me to wait for the Counsellor to take our fingerprint. Back to seat we waited another 5 min and our number was called again.

The young man at the counter took our fingerprint and asked us to go to the upper floor for the medical examination, he also told u! s, while already there, we can pay the visa fees so we don’t have to d o it the day after.

On the upper floor we waited just a couple of minute in the corridor then we was asked to enter in a room.

There Italian Doctors collected our medical forms, a photo and evidence of vaccination.

The only vaccinations required for Italian people are MMS (2 shots) and Tetanus. We had to take our second shot of MMS.

We paid about 400 Euro for medical examination and vaccination, then they made us chest X-Ray.

Back in corridor, after few minutes they called us in another room where we had our blood test, back in corridor we waited for about 30 min so I went to pay to the cashier the visa fees (755.00 $ for each of us, they give you a receipt to be presented the day after at the interview).

Afterwards we had our medical examination (eye test and palpation). We waited again in corridor until they called to give us shots for MMR. At about 12:00 they gave us our chest x-ray and a sheet as a proof of our vaccination.
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