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L1-A Blanket - Approved 01/06/2019
Firstly, thanks to all the folks who have contributed to this forum. Extremely helpful. I've been following this forum for more than 3-4 months since my company was processing for my L1-A and this forum has been of great support.

My Profile:
Senior Management Professional with a Fortune 500 IT Services Company with 15 years of experience in various management positions inclusive of 10 years of onsite (USA) experience.

Was on the same day (6th) at 8:00AM - and Chennai VAC was swift. I went in by 7:45, was asked to wait in a line, and sharply by 8:00 I was at the window scanning my fingerprints and by 8:15 - I was out.

Pro Tip:
1) They allow cellphones (as long as you don't operate it / keep it silent)
2) If your biometrics and interview are on the same day, and you got time to kill - do not go to the consulate. Chill out at a good restaurant, eat some nice food have their filter coffee.

Appointment was at 10:45AM, so I arrived by 10:30. Waited in line for about 20-25 minutes before being let in. L1 visa applicants are required to arrange their documents in an order specified there, and the designated support personnel would help verify and keep it in order for next steps. (I-129S three copies, I-797 three copies, DD (if you're carrying) and passport.

Once done, they direct you to a window to verify your fingerprints/biometrics again. Easy 5 minute process. Then you move into cashier window for submitting the payments (DD or cards). Please make sure you get the receipts.

Enter long queues. Firstly, hated the experience of having to listen to public interviews, you could hear almost every interview at every counter in the hall. Heard and saw lot of rejections for all kinds of visas.

My experience:
Q: State your name please.
 - stated -

Q: Who's your petitioner?
 - stated -

Q: How many years have you been with this company?
 - stated -

Q: What visa are you applying for?

Q: Have you been on an L1 before?
  Yes, had an L1-B before.

Q: Do you still have an L1-B valid?

Q: When was the last time you visited US?

Q: Was it on L1-B?
    Q: How many months were you there?
       6 months.

Q: How many reportees?
   In US?
      Q: Yes.
        - stated -

Q: What do they do?
 - stated -

Q: What's their job title?
 - stated - (mix of managers, analysts and consultants)
    Q: How many reportees do they have?
          Q: Why don't they have direct reportees?
               Our company operates in a onsite offshore model, so we essentially have leads/managers onshore, and work with offshore team to get the delivery done.

Q: How many reportees in India?
 - stated -

Q: What do they do?
 - stated - (mix of developers, analysts, sr. developers and leads)

Q: Who do you report to and who do they report to (chain of command up until CEO)?
 - stated - (she kept asking who do they report to until I reached CEO, and was also asking how the responsibility is split)

Q: Single or married?

Q: Why is your wife not here with you?
   Personal Reasons.

Q: What would be your salary in US?
 - stated - (>$120k)

Your visa is approved. Three stamped I-129s, she kept one, and handed two over to me.

Pro Tips:
1) Firstly, dress well, and wear a smile.
2) Use simple english and assertive language to answer questions.
3) Practice your questions (tons of experiences in this forum to go through)
4) Cellphones are obviously not allowed inside, but there is a counter outside that safeguards cellphones. So, maybe give it a try? (I didn't carry one)
5) Wishing you the best!
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