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L1 A Blanket Approved - Chennai
This forum has helped me a lot to prepare for my interview , now its my turn to help others with my experience.

I had my L1 A - Blanket interview on 21 Feb 2020 at 10:45 AM and bio metrics on 20th 9:15 AM .

Bio metrics was a straight forward process , though i reached early they were already queuing up appointments , entered and went upstairs where they had queue for 9:15 and 9:30. They guided us through the building where they will just check the appointment confirmation details and details in passport . We were given the token numbers after which we were again queued up and as displayed on the TV screens guided us to different counters according to our token numbers. In the counter , they took the pic of us along with the finger print . That’s it , It was done .

Next day on 21 Feb , I reached the place by 9:45 and my appointment was at 10:45. There is no point in going early as the queue for 10:45 was formed only after 10:15 .We were asked to take out the passport and the DS 160 which they will check while in the queue and then guided us to a door. I was also asked to take off my watch and put it in my file . Of course smart watches and phones are not allowed. Then after entering the building security check was done and guided us to another counter for all L applicants. We had to arrange the documents in a particular order - ( I-129 S/I-1797 first page ) 3 sets , DD for Anti-fraud fee ( have to write name and passport number on the back), DS160 confirmation which was taken to bio metrics , passport and then go back to the counter where they will verify it , pinned it by 3 sets and enclose it in our passport with a rubber band . Then we were guided to next building , asked to go to a counter to pay the anti-fraud DD , after which a receipt was also pinned to our set of docs. Then asked to go to a next counter where the documents are verified and finger prints were taken again. Now onto the main hall where we were asked to join a queue which was moving fast, After spending around 15-20 mins in the queue , I was asked to go to an available counter and was asked to wait behind the yellow line . An interview was already going on and once it was done , I was asked to move forward to attend the interview.

Me: Hi , Good morning
Vo- Good morning , how are you today
Me- Good , thanks. How are you ?
Vo- Good , thanks

He took off the Anti fraud receipt and handed it over to me and said , this is for you to keep . I took it after saying Thank you.

Vo- So you are applying for L1 A- Managerial , right ?
Me- Yes
Vo- Which company are you working for ?
Me- Answered my company name
Vo- Do you have any L1 visas from past?
Me- Yes ,L1 10 years back
Vo- When did you return from US?
Me- Mentioned the year
Vo- ok , so how long have you been with this firm
Me- Around 9 years
Vo- Which function do you work for ?
I didn’t hear the question properly and asked again for which he said which department do I work for
Me- I answered the correct department which was mentioned on my petition . He was actually looking my petition and verifying the answers while asking this
Vo - Who do you report to and when I answered this he asked who does he report to ?
Me- Answered both the questions
Vo- What’s your highest qualification ?
Me- Bachelor of Technology
Vo- On what parameters do you rate your success ?
Me- Cost ,Time , value and after a pause said of course quality for which he smiled .
Vo- How many direct reports do you have
Me- 5 direct reports who are at assistant manager and technical lead level.
Vo- How many indirect reports ?
Me- 14
Vo- Where are you going to ?
Me- location with state.
Vo- what’s the turnaround of your project ?
Me- mentioned my project budget, he was happy hearing that too

He then started stamping the DS160 sets with dates and mentioned that he can approve it for max 3 years only , that is until Feb 2023 . Suddenly asked if I'm married or not. When I said yes , he asked if my husband will be applying for L2. I mentioned that he has his own visa and then he asked if that is L1 and if he's in US . I said yes to both questions. And then he asked if we have kids, I said I've 2 .Then the next question was if the kids are in my husband's petition or mine. I said my husband’s petition .Then he handed over the green slip and 2 copies of I-129S/797 and asked to give one to my company HR and other to be taken during the travel. He also mentioned that the stamped passport will reach me soon .

He smiled happily and said safe travels , have a nice time . I wished him Thank you and have a nice day before I left the counter.

Wish you all the very best for your interviews.
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