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L1A Blanket - Approved at Chennai
The overall process is smooth if you are prepared well in terms of your documentation ! Chennai is the only centre in India to provide this type of visa.
Book flights and hotel in advance - Google is your best buddy here, choose whatever suits you best.

Day 1: Biometrics - Docs needed: Appointment Letter, Passport and DS160 confirmation. If you have kids take photos of them from the shop at the ground floor.
Day 2: We reached the Consulate 15 minutes prior to the appointment and were let in pretty quickly as we had an Infant with us too. You start with the security check (Mobiles, smart watches are not allowed, best to leave them at the hotel). After security check > You will be directed to a team that will arrange your docs > Order of docs : I129 - I797 - Passport of main applicant followed by dependents. Then you move in line to pay the fraud fees > $500 (Best to carry credit card as exchange rates can fluctuate and DD may not be best for this). You can see others being interviewed while you wait to pay the fraud fees.

Now I was in line for the interview, I called my wife along with my son and we stood in line.

VO: Good Morning
ME: Good Morning Officer, How are you doing.
VO: I am Good, How are you?
ME: Excited to be here
VO: Good to know someone is excited
VO: So we are applying for an L1A
ME: Yes
VO: Could you tell me what your company does
ME: Gave a couple of lines about the org in the simplest manner without any jargons.
VO: Thats great, What will be your designation in the US
ME: Same as in India - Senior Manager (This is where the VO was already preparing my docs for stamping)
VO: What will be your salary in the US
ME: XXXK + Bonus + Stock Options ( VO stamped the I129 here and moved our passports to the box next to them)
VO: Any direct reportees ?
ME: I am a functional manager and manage multiple folks from different teams but do not have direct reports
VO: How many people in the cross functional teams
ME: Depends on the projects however If I were to put a number to it - around 20 on any given day
VO: Makes sense, Please place your right hand fingers on the scanner. Looks at my wife : Could you please step forward
Wife: Good Morning Officer, How are you doing today
VO: Good, What do you study
Wife: Bachelor in Computer Science
VO: Are you working currently
Wife: Yes
VO: Please place your left hand 4 fingers on the scanner
VO: Addressing me - We are approving your visa at this time and you will receive your passports within a week. Please carry the greenslip with you when you arrive at the US port and make sure its secured as this is your only copy.
We: Thank you Officer, You have a great day ahead
VO: Smiling, You too.

If you are what you say you are - Just be your self and there is nothing to worry about
Plan your next day, be it biometrics or consulate visit - Prepare docs, Credit card before hand. If you have everything thats needed, that inturn will boost your confidence for sure and will avoid last minute hassle.

Wish you best of luck with your preparation and consulate interviews.
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