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L1A Blanket Visa Approved - Chennai
22nd January 2020 --- Biometric

My Biometric was scheduled at 1:OO PM. Me and my spouse arrived at 12:45 PM and we asked to go inside the building directly. The officers there took our DS-160 and passports and arranged them in order. We were then routed to the biometric windows where our finger prints and photographs were taken and that was it for the day.

23rd January 2020 --- Visa Interview

Our Visa Interview was scheduled at 8:30 AM and we reached the consulate at 8:00 AM. We were asked to stand in the respective queue. After few minutes we were allowed to enter the premise and then after arrangement and validation of the documents and verifying the fingers prints, we were asked to wait for our turn for the interview. And finally, after waiting for few mins, we were asked to proceed to a window for the interview. The entire discussion was only for about 5 mins or so. Below is the detailed discussion that took place:

VO: Good Morning..
Me: Good morning maam…How are you doing today?

VO: I am good..thnx…How about you?
Me: I am doing well as well…thnx.

VO: Which Visa category are you applying for?
Me: L1A Blanket Visa.

VO: Is it you first L1 Visa?
Me: No maam…I had a L1A Individual Visa earlier as well.

VO: Was it L1 A or L1B?
Me: It was L1A Individual Visa. I was not able travel with that Visa though.

VO: Why were you not able to travel earlier?
Me: Answered.

VO: Who is your petitioner?
Me: Capgemini America.

VO: How long you have been working with Capgemini?
Me: Since 2015…Its my 5th year with the organization.

VO: What will be your designation in US?
Me: Senior Manager

VO: Will it be Senior Manager of something?
Me: No maam…My designation will be Senior Manager but my Role will be Project Delivery Manager.

VO: What are some of your Roles and Responsibilities that you will be performing US?
Me: Answered in 6-8 sentences.

VO: What will be your salary in US?
Me: Answered.

VO: What is the designation of the person whom you will be reporting to US?
Me: Senior Director.

VO: And whom will he report to?
Me: Vice President.

VO: And whom will he report to?
Me: Executive Vice President.

VO: And whom will he report to?
Me: Capgemini Chairman.

VO: Will you have hiring authority in US?
Me: Yes maam.

VO: What is the process of hiring?
Me: Answered

VO: How may direct and indirect reports will you have in US?
Me: 10 direct reports and no indirect reports.

VO: What will be the designations of your direct reports?
Me: Manager.

VO: Managers of something?
Me: Yes…their designations will be Manager but their roles will be Test Managers, Development Managers.

VO: How long you have been married?
Me: Answered.

No questions were asked to my spouse.

The VO typed something in her computer for a minute or so and then she picked a Green Slip from, stamped the 3 copies of I-129S, handed over 2 copies to me and said that your Visa is approved. It was a very good experience through out the entire Visa process.

Tips (for those who might feel they need some…) --- Be confident with your appearance and in your conversations. For the L1A Blanket, they will not validate whatever you you need to be convincing and confident enough to get your Visa approved.
All the best for your Visa interviews!!!
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