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L1B Blanket Visa – Not clearly approvable
Hello everyone,

This is an incredible forum and I thank all those who have shared their experiences. Now it’s my turn to do so.
A brief about my profile, I am a Business Analyst with over 14 yrs work ex and from what I have seen in this forum not many BAs apply for this visa and I could not find any references in other forums as well.
I had the biometric & visa interview on the same day.
21 Feb 8 AM – Bio metric
I was part of the first slot and was the first person to get in to the center and complete the biometrics.
They allow us to carry cell phones; will have to keep them switched off. No bags allowed. Only passport & DS 160, appointment confirmation required.

21 Feb 11 AM – visa interview
I reached the venue around 10:40; there was a large crowd behind a barricade. Just check with the cops who are managing the crowd and they will guide you to the correct queue. There was two queues, one for 10:45 slot and one for 11 AM slot. I joined the 11 AM slot.
Rest of the process is the same as mentioned by others, L1B applicants will have to bundle the docs in a particular order and do remember to write your name and PP number behind the DD. We have to proceed in to the consulate where we have to pay this DD and get an acknowledgement, in the next counter they will check our fingerprints again.
Finally, we have to join the line waiting for the actual visa interview. The consulate staff will guide us to a particular counter and we have to wait behind the yellow line for our turn.
I was asked to go to a counter, which was actually outside the main visa interview hall, and close to where they collect the DDs and check the fingerprints, not sure, if anyone else faced this. The VO was a woman in her late thirties I guess.
An interview was going on already and I overheard few snatches of their conversation, she was a cloud architect. Her interview was short and the visa was denied. She left with the blue slip.
Then the VO was chatting with her colleague for a minute and then she asked me to step up to the counter. I greeted her a GA and handed over my documents and PP. She wished me back and my impression about her was that she was a pleasant woman.
VO: Is this an L1 petition?
Me: Yes, L1B blanket
VO: Petitioner name?
Me: YYYY ltd
VO: How many years with the petitioner?
Me: 1yr and 10 months
VO: location travelling to?
Me: xxxx, XX
VO: Do you have any end client?
Me: Yes, xxxx
VO: Sorry what was the name?
Me: repeated the name and explained the business they are in to and then she understood.
VO: What is your designation in the USA?
Me: Senior Consultant
VO: Salary?
Me: xxxxx PA
VO: what is the project?
Me: explained the project in 3 to 4 sentences (made sure I mentioned the proprietary tools, frameworks etc) and that I will be customizing the same.
VO: what exactly will you be doing as part of this project?
Me: Explained my roles & responsibilities and specialization
VO: Are you married?
Me: Yes
VO: Why is your wife not here?
Me: She could not join me at this time & will appear later depending on the outcome of my visa
The officer then checked something on her system and was typing something. She then picked up the blue colored slip and then I knew that I did not get the visa. She took the slip, went to another counter, came back, marked the not clearly approvable option on the slip, and handed it back to me along with my documents and PP.
She then said the standard statement that this is not a reflection on your skill sets blah blah blah.
I then thanked her for her time, walked away, and exited the consulate.
I was confident with my answers and did not fumble anywhere. In my opinion, the things that worked against me could be that I am working in the client location, BA is a generic skill set, and pay offered was below 95 K. Plus they are damn strict about who gets the visa. I was a bit surprised that she did not question me on why my skill sets are special. I thought that was a mandatory question for all.
As mentioned earlier, I wanted to give a detailed account of my experience, as I did not find any reference points from a BA perspective in this forum. Hope this is of some help to others and I wish you all good luck with your visa.

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