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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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My i485 Adjustment - Living in TWO Different States
Hi everyone, I love this site and it has helped me alot. If you are about to apply to adjust your status, here are a few real advice I can give you.
1.Be VERY ORGANIZED when submitting your application
2.Send everything, the more the better as long as it relates to your application. Nothing unecessary.
3. The most common mistake people make, when submitting your application, They rush and submit the application without much supporting documents and expect to bring their additional documents at the interview. BIG MISTAKE. What you want to do is be sure you have EVERYTHING in order BEFORE submitting your application. The reason why is because if you have a properly prepared pakage, the immigration officer will most likely already have his mind made up about the application. Either they will approve it in their mind or decide that they are not convinced and that they need to be convinced during the interview. The difference here is that with a well prepared pakage, you do not have to prove your case, only show up. Thats how mine was.

Married june 09
i485 mailed and received oct 2nd 2009
Fingerprints done Nov 3rd 2009ee
Interview date Dec 23rd 2009

Interview at 10.30am. We got there 10.20 and checked in with our lawyer. by 10.35 we were called in. The immigration officer made us swear in to tell the truth and then sat us down. The interview was so smooth I was shocked how easy and simple it was. All the officer did was take a look at our file and asked questions such as:
is ..... your name? yes
is ..... your address? yes
you do work at .....? yes
your dad name is .... correct? yes.
She did not ask me any questions about my wife. Or did she ask my wife anything. The only questions we had was, how did you guys meet? THAT WAS IT. And that she informed us that she would go ahead and recommend it for approval.

KEEP IN MIND I LIVE IN Maryland and my wife lives in Michigan due to our work. But our application was properly put together by our lawyer it made so much sense. PERSONALY i only got a lawyer because my wife and I live and commute between 2 different states. I do not think its worth getting a lawyer, its too expensive but just for the way she put the work together, for me its worth it. Just ask any of your friends who has had a lawyer to give you a copy of the package and submit your own.

Some of the docs we had : Because we live in diff states

-joint bank accounts, check card, check books, copies of written checks...
- joint phone bills
- joint car ownership
- Alot of family photos
- both went to the same school DEGREE copies
- Utility bills, appartment lease
- Trips, hotels, flights and anything that shows that you guys spend alot of money for each other

and much more...

Hope this helps,
Good luck to you guys
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