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N400 interview and Oath - Mar 2021
Jun 2015, GC approved, got card in mail.
Mar 2020, N400 submitted online.
Mar 2020, biometrics notice, done
Jan 2021, biometrics again, done
Feb 2021, Interview scheduled for Mar
Mar 2021, Interview followed by Oath completed.
Apr 2021, Applied for passport
May 2021, Received passport in mail (~7 weeks, expedited service). Received Nat Cert back 1+ week after

Regarding interview, arrived at location 15 mins prior to appointment time. They let me into building after ~10 mins or so (verified appt letter & ID) and asked me to go to 4th floor. On 4th floor, they checked me into system using info from my appt letter (asked if I travelled outside of country in last 14 days) and asked me to wait in 4th floor lobby (there were another 8 - 10 ppl already waiting). An officer called me after ~15 mins, walked me to his office and verified my IDs (DL, GC). He asked where I work, whether I own/rent and monthly rent/payment, my address. Asked me to read (Who lives in white house) and write (President lives in white house) sentences. Then he asked 6 civic questions (Supreme law of land, who is speaker, we elect president for how many years, responsibility only for US citizen, what does president cabinet do, how many voting members in house). Then he asked me yes/no questions from N400 application, about 15 - 20 of them (for any citation qn, I told him explicitly that I had a minor speeding ticket for which he did not had any follow up question on that). He told me I passed interview and my application is approved, told me that he will fill paperwork to schedule for Oath for same day. In ~5 mins, he completed paperwork and asked me to verify my information that will be printed on naturalization certificate, printed oath application form and asked me to answer few yes/no questions on last page of it & sign it. He then asked me to go to 5th floor for Oath and walked me back to lobby (I was in his office for total of 20 - 30 mins). Officer is very professional, friendly, very crisp and clear with his questions and nice. He did not asked any documents other than DL, GC and passport. I went to 5th floor, checked in, they took my signed Oath application and GC, asked me to wait. They are doing Oath whenever there are few people. When I was there, there were about 10-15 people already who were about to take Oath which took ~5 mins. After 10 mins, its my turn with few others, Oath done in ~5 mins, got naturalization certificate and done. It took total of 1.5 hrs from time I reached building to time I was out of building.
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