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The Physics Student, admitted to Rochester, Rice
Everyone, sooner or later, should decide which career path to take. As for me, I have chosen Physics.

My interest in Physics has been developed during my school years, when I used to participate in Physics Olympiads. They gave me an opportunity to communicate with other boys also interested in Physics. On the other hand , the spirit of competition made me study a lot by myself. It is due to Olympiads that I developed self-discipline of regular studies. In 1991 , when I was in the 9th grade of my studies at school, I took part in Olympiad as a 10th-grade student. That year I had the best score at the Ukrainian and the 2nd prize at the USSR Physics Olympiad and was invited to the sessions of the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) Team of the USSR. It made me realize, that no matter how young you are ,you are able to learn anything - all you need is enough will and willingness.

After that I have participated in two consecutive Ukrainian PhO and won the 1st prize in both. I was also the absolute winner of the last USSR PhO'92 In July, 1993 I took part in XXIV IPhO, which took place in the USA, Williamsburg,VA. 210 students from 42 countries participated in that Olympiad. I won silver medal there.

In 1993 I entered Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology ( MIPT ), Faculty of General and Applied Physics, being automatically exempted from the entrance exams. Studying at MIPT I especially enjoyed General Physics and Laboratory Courses. I was awarded P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute Fellowship for the Spring Term' 94 and " Excimer " Fellowship for the Fall Term' 94. These two awards are traditionally given to two students out of approx. 80 students on the basis of academic achievements. For the academic year 1994-95 I was awarded ISSEP (Soros) Student Grant, which is awarded to undergraduate students all over the former Soviet Union.

As an ISSEP stipendiat I was offered a position in the Executive Committee of Soros Schoolboys Physics Olympiad. I also participated in the IPhO sessions as an instructor. Both these occupations include responsibilities such as teaching, grading ,giving individual assistance to students, inventing theoretical problems as well as experimental assignments, work in labs and so on. Five of my problems invented for the sessions were also accepted to publication by student magazine "Quant". I believe that this kind of work is extremely useful, because teaching as well as inventing new problems always helps me understand better some concepts of Physics.

In 1992 I started research work at the Department of Molecular Photoelectronics of the Institute of Physics, Kiev. After six months of introductory courses I was affiliated with a Condensed Matter Research Group. Together with another graduate student I investigated extremely amazing, from my point of view, phenomenon in Physics of Liquid Crystals - the behavior of so called zigzag-declination. While working as a Research Assistant, I have learned how to handle with laboratory equipment and had an excellent opportunity of attending some scientific seminars, devoted to the latest researches done at the Institute. So I was able to know what was going on at other departments.

I am interested in Experimental Physics and planning the career of a physicist-researcher. I have decided to continue my education in the USA and would be glad if you can provide me with one.
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