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Family Based Greencard

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Permanent residence through family based
Hi well this is my timeline
I was an F1 student
Got married last year
Filled for I-130, I-485, I-765 and I-131 at once along with the medical exam
Case received in February 4th 2019
I got the receipts and had my bio on the 28th of February
After that there was nothing but in February 20th I received a notice of action for additional documents which I sent a month later bc Of my grandmother’s passing which put a paused on my case
Case resume in April after I sent the requested documents then on June 12 my status changed to “ ready to schedule for interview”
Got the notices in July 19th
Got the combo card in July 20th got the social security 2 days later
August 17th my status changed to “ interview scheduled”
I got the notice today in the mail and my interview was scheduled for the 26th of September

Honestly I’m happy and nervous I’m glad the interview got scheduled but somehow I thought we’d have 2 months before the interview and my husband is all chilled out doesn’t understand why I’m so stressed out
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guys while filling for I765 AND I131 FOR renewing EAD/AP, the questions that are not relevant to me can i just leave as blank ?

Also in I765, last 3 pages (5,6,7) are all about interpreter/preparer and additional information....can i just leave them blank as i have nothing to fill there?
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Marriage based USC
Marriage based USC I130,I131,I485, I763
 Receipt date January 17, 2019
 Fingerprints done February 2019
200 plus days nothing
 June 25, 2019 Ready to schedule interview
 August 10, 2019 EAD/combo Approves
 August 15, 2019 EAD/combo card Received
Still waiting for that interview
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I 130 petition
Wheres everyone when you need them ,help please ....
My husband file I 130 last august priority date is august 27 2019 he file while he was a permanent resident however he got his citizenship in march and he upgraed his status ,its almost a year since we file i called uscis and they told us they didnt recieve status update so we update iver the phone .......yes we adjust status in march also
I want to know if theirs going to be a longer wait due to yhe fact his status wasnt dated to US citizen?
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Have not recived my biometrics appointment
Hi everyone, i really need help here. Im going desperate.

I filed papers and received notice of action dated May 16, 2019. My online account with uscis has said "Fingerprint fee received" since then, and my case is in the National Benefit Center. And it has already been 97 days. I tried to file an E-request for case out of normal processing time but it says they cant issue the request because my case is still within time.

I dont know what to do. I keep trying to call USCIS but the waitings are so long that eventually hangs uo by itself. Its been more than 3 months and I know the biometrics appointment is received usually 3-4 after the NOA.

Thank you to whoever has any information that can help!!
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Green Card through marriage
I have read the posts on this forum so many times to keep my hopes alive! So I know how important it is to pass it on.
I was a student on F-1 visa
Married last year
Filed on December 10th through the Chicago Lock box
Biometric in January
Then nothing. It was a long wait for 250 days
My EAD came 12 days ago and I had my interview yesterday!
Here are the things that I would have wanted someone to tell me!
The processing time on the USCIS website said processing 9o days!! WRONG!!

Unless you like signing in everyday, the USCIS app works very well!
I checked and refreshed every morning and evening!

It takes a looong time to process! Do not make any plans before you actually have your EAD/Green card approved or you will be disappointed!

I told the officer I worked illegally after I filed! It didn’t seem to be a problem!

Invest in yourself and your family during the waiting time! I learned how to cook and I’ve read books that makes me the best employee when I started working!

It’s gonna be a painful wait! But it is worth it! USA is the best country in the world!
I already have a job offer and a baby on the way!

I hope this helps someone!
If you have any question please let me know!
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GC Case transferred
I received the messages below in my email and it was updated in my online account as well on different days as follows:
8/7/2019: “Your case was transferred to another USCIS office and we sent you a notice explaining why we transferred your case”
Then the next day I received another message
8/8/2019: “Your case was transferred to another USCIS office and that office now has jurisdiction over your case”
Please does anyone has an idea what this is? How soon was an interview scheduled for you? Thanks in advance.
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Family based green card
About to start my grandma’s paperwork which is probably gonna be pretty heavy. So my grandma has 9 kids and about 26 grandkids let’s minus that by 7 so 19 grandkids to file for which is 28 people in total. She’s a US citizen so my question is since we’re filling all at once will the married grandkids benefit from it or are we gonna have to do something else

Thank you
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Affidavit of Sponsor
Pls I need help , someone help/advise

Am married to a US citizen who 29, she never worked or filed taxes been on govt welfare, started working officially this year, we are about to file in has we have a sponsor whose gonna help, but she was told she requires a non filer verification letter from irs, we never heard of this before until now and it seemingly difficult to get now, my question is this really important or can we just go ahead and file with sponsor we have already?? Help advice pls...
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Waiting since October 5 2018
My husband and I applied last year. We submitted I 130, I 485, and I 765 for my husband and step children. We have not been scheduled for an interview, we have not received the work permits. We received a couple of RFE's (minor stuff, pictures and translated copies of birth certificates) all our responses to our RFE's are already beyond the 60 day mark. I have called and emailed USCIS so many times that they blocked my account and I had to create a new one. As of today, no interview scheduled, no sign of the work permits.
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