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Fiance Visa - K1/ K2/ K3/ K4

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I met my soon-to-be-husband (hopefully) from the internet a year ago. He is living in Egypt and I, of course, live in the U.S. What is the fastest way he can come to the U.S. ? Would it be easier for me to go to Egypt get married and leave the next day with him back to U.S.? After looking at the requirements for a K-1 or K-3 thing, since we never met in person, how does this work???
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My Fiancee visa petition was denied in Guangzhou
My Chinese fiancee and I are both English teachers. I met her while teaching oral English to her class as a visiting foreign expert. That class was in September, 2006. We have had a loving caring relationship with dozens of witnesses in the US and China. Members of my church in the US and in China have been aware of our relationship from the beginning. I have no family in the US, but her family has accepted me as one of them. The reason given was "relationship is not bona fide". How do I fight this?
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need help
hello my name is jerry and i met my fiance in september and in june 2008 i sent my pettition for a fiance visa but noting else like pic recipts and now i'm thinking maybe i should have if any one can tell if i made a mistake what sould i do wait for them to contact me or contact them to see if i need to go ahead and send that info
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Denial my husbads interview
Hi, I am looking for help. I am a us citizen. I went to Kosovo to marry the man i fell in love with a few years back. Everything went perfect until my husband went to Skopje for a interview, at the interview he showed all the phone bills that we communicated, and everything else. The only problem was on my way back from Kosovo my purse got lost with my passport and photos in my digital camera of us. They asked for photos and he told them the situation. So the American lady interviewing him denied him. I plan to appeal and also go there(Skopje) once I reschedule a new interview. Can you help me with advise? I need anyones advise? Thank you for your kindness..
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Thank you so much -
I am in the process of immigrating to the US after getting married to my US spouse in February. I arrived in the US on a K1 fiance visa and are now awaiting my EAD and Change of Status to be approved.

We used the USCIS website as primary guide for our research but at times, could not find answers for some of our questions. After visiting NUMEROUS websites claiming to have answers, we finally stumbled upon the site and found everything we were looking for. The information supplied by the USCIS site and yours were ultimately our only source of information.

I want to thank you for the time and effort you put into explaining the process step by step, not only for the K1 visa, but many others. Your website helped us tremendously with the "smaller" questions that we could not find answers for on the USCIS website. We followed the process almost religiously and found the entire process to be a wonderful experience. If documents are filed correctly and as requested by USCIS, in the order requested and with the correct additional documentation, the entire process is actually a "breeze".

Thank you SO much for the information and help posted on your website. You make life a whole lot easier for many people. Keep up the excellent work.

Kind regards.
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About K3 Visa

I went to U.S 3 months back for business training. I have 10 years of B1B2 Visa. I want to marry a guy I met there in my office. Do I need K3 Visa? We will be getting married in India in Sept. I want to know the procedure of coming over to the states.

Please advise.
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I-30 petition
my husband filled the petition for me& our 2 kids last Aug. 2005. We're in japan that time but the usics off. did not issue a reciept #. So we cannot trace our case. Then he filled for k-3, k-4 vsa last 3-06 & was approve last 2-07. We came in the us last 8-07. But still we cannot trace our I-30 petition. We came to their off. but still no ans,. NO ANSWER from them... What shall we do???
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Visa Denial
I am writing about my fiancee's experience at the U.S. Consulate in Lagos, Nigeria, with the hope that someone who had similar experience and remedied it could e-mail me and let me know how I could do likewise.

I was separated from my wife in early 2006. We divorced in October 2006. In June 2006 I visited Nigeria during which period a met a young lady. I proposed to her after my divorce and she said yes. In January 2007, I filed a K-1 petition with USCIS. It was approved but when she went for the interview in September 2007, she was denied. Here is a text of the letter that the Consular Officer gave her, and I am writing it verbatum:

Dear Visa Applicant:
We are returning your visa petition to the Department of Homeland Security Office where it was approved with our recommendation that the petition be reviewed for possible revocation. Any further inquiries should be directed to that office. The reasons are as follows: The relationship purported in this petition is not a real relationship. This is a relationship established for immigration purposes only.
Chief, Visa Unit

The sad part of the whole episode is that contrary to the Consular Officer statement that my fiancee and I had no relationship, it is not true at all, because we, indeed, did have a relationship. We were not given the opportunity to appeal our case and our file was immediately returned to USCIS in California.

In December 2007, I received a letter from USCIS that the approved petition had been sent to them, and they would inform me of what action they would take at a later date. As of this writing, I still haven't heard from them.

Also in December 2007 I visited Nigeria again and my fiancee and I got married in January 2008. I filed an I-130 with USCIS and received NOA1. I am now awaiting NOA2.

I am concerned about what could happen when she returns to the U.S. Consulate for another interview. I have been told that I need to file Form I-160, waiver of inadmissability. Other people said I shouldn't, that it is not required. Still others also said I need to resolve the issue of the denied petition before my wife attends a new interview. I am confused and hope I can get some help from visitors to this site, especially Mr. Amir who has posted many articles about the visa process. Mr. Amir, I hope you can help. Anyone should feel free to e-mail me. My e-mail is [email protected] Thank you.
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K1 Fiance Visa
*June 2007* Applied for Petition for Fiance Visa (for my fiance in Nigeria).
I sent along with petition: photos of us together in Nigeria, proof of my trip there- flight itinerary, statement uploaded from email of his intent to marry me, passport photos.

*November 2007* Petition approved at Local Service Center and sent to NVC (National Visa Center) NVC sent all information to US Consulate abroad via electronically, within two weeks.
(We were informed that the US Consulate in Lagos would mail an information packet and interview date which didn't happen so we emailed Lagos US Consulate).

*January 2008* US Consulate in Lagos Nigeria replied to my fiance's emails stating they received notice of the approved petition and would let him know of the interview date. They wouldn't respond to my emails from the US. He received another email soon after with an interview date for March 31st 2008. Another email informed him that if he didn't receive his information packet in the mail that he could go to the US Consulate (four weeks before interview date- no sooner) with a copy of the email that shows his interview date, and pick up the information packet.

*March 2008* He went to US Consulate to get his packet.

Will update you on the interview when the time comes.
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I filled the petition for my wife, 4 months ago and i got the receipt and number, but i can't acces it. it says the record is not in theie system. why is it showing like that? can someone please help me with my concern.
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