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Fiance Visa - K1/ K2/ K3/ K4

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Need Advice for K3
Hi all,

I am Pleaning to marry,What Kind of Question they will ask and Proof Required from me.

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K3 Visa and H1 B visa
My wife had applied for H1B visa and pending for long time. I am a citizen now and want to apply for K3 VIsa. Do I need to withdraw the Visa applicatiton for H1B.

Please Help.

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I need help: K 1 case review time
Please let me know what I should do to have my fiancee's case reviewed. I tried to call and email the Embassy may times, but I just received only one answere "WAIT" with no time frame. My fiancee has submitted the required documents more than 6 weeks, but she still does not receive any notice from the consulor. Thanks for help!
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Timeline: Filed K-1 Visa early June 2006, had a three month delay because they sent an additional form to double check that we did not meet through a marriage company. Visa approved in Dec, his interview was April 20 2007. He arrived here July 24th, married August 10th.

So far, so good. Except----I can't get good info on what paperwork I need to file now. I've called USCIS 4 times and been given a different list of docs each time. I know I need to file I-485, with the affadavit of support, and also the one for the work permit. But, I get conflicting info about the I-130. Some said I need it, but someone at USCIS said that is just for the visa , and he has one, so I only need the I485. Then this website says I have to file the 130 as well. Does anyone know???
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To know abt the date of the F3 & F4 categorie
Hey i want to know about the date of F3 and F4 categories may i get the help from you....?
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I am going to tell you all people a way to do what you want to do. I dont know if you can get that help being NON MUSLIMS. However in city of Rawalpindi (neighbouring city of Islamabad) in Pakistan, near PIRWADHAI BUS STAND a person who is clergyman of a MOSQUE and his name is RAMZAN can help you. Come and meet him and you dont ever would need to contact him AGAIN for THAT SPECIFIC problem again in life. Remember, MASJID OF CHAUDHRY RAHMAT and IMAM is RAMZAN. One Person who visits him seldom visits him again. Dont worry, USA is not heaven which is given to selected people. YOU all people can enter US because you
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heres a timeline,
july 2002 filed for I-485 in Jacksonville Fl
feb 2003 I-130 approved
sep 2003 I-767 re-newed no hassles
sep 2004 work authorization renewed again
april 2006 had heard nothing so we my us citizen wife of 4 yrs, and I took out an info-pass. We were told that my entire file had been lost and we would need to re-apply, which we did, that very day.
nov 06 scheduled for interview to complete process. At the interview, I was arrested and detained. uscis adjudicator claims my wife withdrew support so they deny my application. I had entered under visa waiver, so now i have no right to appeal or even go before an immigration judge
dec 2006 new I-130 filed
I am deported back to australia
jan 2007 I-129f filed
may 2007 I-130 and I-129f approved

still here in australia while my wife sits alone at home in jax our case is now going to be sent to NVC for god knows how long and ive still to have my 10 yr ban removed i worked paid taxes and never attempted to cheat the system in fact, the system guided us through the process,only to be treated like a criminal and having no criminal record.....think its time for a better system whats your opinion?
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Immigrant Visa
I went to Egypt and married my husband , who is egyptian, in July 2006. I filed the I-130 petetion in September 2006,at the american embassy in Cairo. They requested more proof of relationship from us 2 different times. The 2nd request I had told them I have no more proof, I had given them all I have. Anyway I have called and emailed and everything I know how to do and they still say they are waiting. I never recieved a I-797C receipt because I have only a case number. I have recently come home to the USA and my husband had to stay in egypt. I dont know what I am supposed to do now if anything. If anyone knows what else I can do or how I can speed this up please let me know.

Melony Pardue
Plano, Texas
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looking for hope, advice- have you been there?
my husband entered the u.s. illegally (before we met) and we did all the filing, had the appointment only to find more waiting, wrote an apology letter, more little family (3 year old girl) is living in mexico waiting to hear if we've been forgiven and if and when we'll get his visa. i feel so powerless- is there anything we can do? what is typical, are we going to get a visa, are we going to have to wait years? we want to move back home. its so frustrating- any help would be wonderful
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Visa Drama
I am a US citizen living and married to an Aussie with a two year old son in Australia. My husband and I decided we would like to live in America for a period of time undecided. We recently applied for the immigration visa and filed the I-130. My husbands application came back ineligiable for immigration to the US for growing 6 plants of Marijuana 8 years ago (which resulted in a \\\\\\\$400 fine), this was all before I new him. We are in a delema, as we have family to attend to and other commitments as well. We are thinking of applying for a K-3 visa now, just so we can plead our case. We never did an appeal as we hired a US lawyer who told us that there was nothing we could do, I am starting to bieleve there is a way, as this was such a shock and have to believe it was the most dcevistating thing that has ever happend to us.

Hope someone has some information!

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