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Fiance Visa - K1/K2/K3/K4

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just an update on timelines... for filing my wife's k-3. we married in bangkok, though she's burmese.

mailed i-130 late dec'05.

received i-797 (notice of action) on jan 7. filed i-129f immediately (for k-3, you can't file the i-129f for k3 until you receive i-130 receipt).

received i-797c (notice of action) on feb 8.

approval notice of k-3 on apr 20, and case forwarding to NVC in portsmouth, nh.

received nvc letter informing of case being forwarded to consulate in bangkok on may 3.

packet 3 received from bangkok consulate on may 29.

we will return the packet this coming monday, june 5, and it looks like interviews are scheduled no more than 1 month out for k3's.

so total time i'm looking at is around 6+ months to get my wife here.

hope this helps.
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Wife gets greencard also within a year!
I just wanted to update how well things were going, while I was getting many emails from people here at this and other sites asking for info. I am giving my help to some who wanted it. Like what I mentioned my wife got to USA within 3 months of processing and got married also within 90days. She did get her employment authorization within couple of months by dec 2004. She had her interview last month for greencard and got the actual greencard on Oct 19th, exactly one year after she got to the USA. Like everything else, I did all the paperwork myself and our interview was a breeze(they didnt ask for nothing, even the new affidavit of support that I made spending couple of days!)while I could hear others having a hard time answering or explaining there whereabouts and why this and why that etc. Who knows what was with that. Anyways I am happy as usual. You guys can also do the same, keep everything straight and complete as possible. Good job USCIS.
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Somone help!!!
I got married to an American Citizen last Feb.13th while in the U.S on a visa waiver.
My attorney suggested I return home to Ireland,and apply for the I-130 immediate relative immigrant visa petition( which was approved June 10th 2005) and the I-130 is still pending since April 20th. The INS has made a serious mistake, by thinking that I'm still in the U.S.A. This is what the approval notice contains.
" This petition has been approved. The petition indicates that the person for who you are petitioning is in the U.S and will apply for adjustment of status.
He or she should contact the local INS office to obtain form I-485.
If the person for who you are petitioning decides to apply for a visa outside the U.S based on this petition, the petitioner should file form I-824. Applcation for action on the approved application or petition,with the office to request that we send the petition to the Dep.of State National Visa Center ".
So, my attorney spotted the mistake straight away and overnighted a letter to Chicago, telling them the problem.He also double checked to make sure Ireland was on the application we made,and it clearly was. My wife and I have also been constantly ringing the NVC&INS. There has been little response from anybody,and people don't seem to have a record of it even leaving Chicago.
 I've been back in Ireland,away from my beloved one whole month now,and my wife since has, suffered a serious car crash and has been out of work,where money is becoming so tight for her now.My attorney reckons that the file has not even left Chicago yet,and reached the NVC,before reaching Ireland, to arrange my interview.
Is there anything anybody can do? We are so desperate in this matter now,and don't know who else to turn to.
Many thanks in advance...

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Good day,

I have a big dilema. I am a US citizen married to a Jamaican. We have been together since 2000 and I recently applied for the K3 and I130. They sent him a package with what he needed to do. He thus did his medical, set up an appointment via internet. But when he went to get his police record there was a conviction for smoking marijuana 2 yrs ago. I have been without my husband for going on 2 yrs and its very difficult. I need him with me I am going through depression and its very costly to call him overseas. Please is there anything we can do. I heard that if I go with him to the interview maybe that will help. PLS respond if you have an answer.

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I-130 K-3
We filed our I-130 in September 2003 and the K-3 in January 2005. We can not locate our I-130, and only have a receipt for the K-3. We are getting frustrated.
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Some of you have been writing to me about my experience and asking for suggestions. Its very important that you submit all paperwork together organized in detail including photographs of you together. Read this and other sites for info and do as they say. You dont need a lawyer or anyone else for this simple process, all you need is to submit proof of everything, I mean everything!!!
As I wrote earlier, I would like to say that INS did a great job in my case, my fiancee was here in less than 3 months and we recently got married and I have already filed for I-130/485/765/131 concurrently without a lawyer. If INS do a similar job, it wont be long before she gets her green card/EAD/AP. Good luck to all.
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Fiancee visa in Chennai going smoothly so far
I cant believe some people writing everywhere INS taking so long time etc. I have applied for K-1 visa for my fiancee on June 21st, got it approved by VSC on July 8th, NVC processed it on July 16th, sent it to chennai consulate July28th, Chennai writing to my fiancee today august 5th, about interview date on sept 8th, 2004. All it is taking it seems less than 3 months total for K-1 visa in my case. I did all the paperwork myself, and has all proof etc. I would suggest anyone to submit everything at one time and then its piece of cake. Good work INS.
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ap visa misguides on the time frame of the visa process
we applied for a finace visa with AP VISA,a private visa consultancy. they assured us thatwe would recieve ourvisa within 90 days of submission. we submitted our case to them on DEC 24, 2003. it took 150 days for the INS to accept the case and send it to NATIONAL VISA CENTRE. and we still waiting for the consulate to call us for an interview. besides AP VISA did not give any information as far as the documents that would be needed by my finace.
They did not disclose us all the facts and feel cheated.AP VISA charged us 1000 usd just to type out our forms.
Please beware of such frauds who claim speedy results (90 days).
AP VISA does not even entertain our phone calls or our emails once they got their money.
WE still predict a long wait in our fianl stage of the process.
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waited 8 months for k3 and still waittin
I filed on July 2003. In mid November INS need signature of my wife in a BIO form. I give them BIO form with my wife's signature and they received on Nov 17th 2003. After that i received Notice that This kind of case will take between 30 to 90 days. There 90th day is still coming. I have called so many time to INS. All i get in answer that my case is still in process. It has been 8 months now (Total time). I dont know what the hell should I do? I thought K3 will help me bring my wife to US little bit faster than I-130.
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