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Fiance Visa - K1/K2/K3/K4

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Filing for AOS: but filling the I-485 and I-130 together (I am on K-1 Fiance Visa)
well I am throwing this question out there in HOPE someone has been here, done it and can give me some advice, Google isn't very helpful right now. :)
I came from the UK to the USA on the K-1 Fiancé Visa and am married now here in the USA.
I am filing now for my Adjustment Of Status, which means filling all the required forms for the I-485 and I am also filing the I-130 with it which I saw you can do.
I am wondering....How long ill it take for me to get a response or them to cash the Cheque we sent? We sent the papers off about 4 working days ago and I know they are pretty fast at taking your money! I know the papers arrived as I had them signed for and tracked them, but have heard nothing yet despite filling the form that asks for Text / Email notification when the application has been received.
Also...I can see on average the I-485 can take 4-5 months...but as I am filing the I-485 and the I-130 together will that make the process longer?
Will they not start the I-485 until the I-130 has been approved?
Will I need to wait twice as long because I filled them all at once? Or was I better doing it this way?
It is hard to find much out....any advice from people that have filled both at once would be great....
Thanks in advance.

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K1 Fiance visa - filed March 17, 2015
Hi everyone - My fiancé and I filed on March 17, 2015 for the K1 fiancé visa. Our forms are at the Texas Service Center and we haven't heard anything from them. There are no updates on their website about filing times and I am really beginning to wonder if it is just a waste of time filing and if anyone has advice on the matter. We thought we would hear soon at least on what is happening, but there has been no communication. Anything helps :-) Thanks!
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Fiance Visa or Immigrant Visa?
hi, I was wondering whats the better choice to get my fiancé a green card. he is currently in mexico and im in the united states. would it better doing a fiancé visa or should I go to mexico to get married and then come back and file him as a spouse visa?
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Peticion de hija
Hola a todos.quisiera contar con la experiencia de algunos para que orienten. Soy residente en USA, hice la peticion para mi hija que ya cumplió 19 años y vive en Costa Rica,. Lo ultimo que envie al Centro Nacional de Visas fue el Affidavit of Support a inicios de Agosto, hace muchos años no estamos juntas por lo que comprenderan cada vez estoy mas ansiosa de que venga. Tengo que esperar que me llegue alguna carta donde tenga que pagar para una visa?(online) o puedo llenar antes la aplicacion y pago de la misma antes?, porq se que es casi lo ultimo antes de la cita para ella. . Ella tendra que hacerse exämenes tambien? O alguien sabe mas de este proceso. Gracias, todos los comentarios son interesantes y ayudan a muchas personas que tienen casos parecidos y dudas al respecto.
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k1 visa interview
Hello everyone...thank you for taking the time to read finance and i recently had our interview with the consulate....i have a few concerns from the interview that maybe some of you can help out first concern is that some of the documents that were said to be required were not even asked for (examples...they did not ask for entire copy of everything from original I129F application, nor did they ask for a copy of the NOA2 acceptance form...i thought this to be odd since the official site said they were required for the interview). Also, I came to the country to support my fiancé, but was not allowed in the interview. My fiancé was asked about 30/35 questions, with only 6 or 7 pertaining to me (only 3 of which had to do with me and our relationship...the other questions had to do with what type of products i enjoyed for the sport i play...very odd)...what was even odder were that the other questions were things like, "where do my brothers work" & "what do they do"....seems like odd questions that have nothing to do with our engagement. No questions were asked about wedding, engagement ring, etc. The last thing that concerns us is that my fiancé worked as an accountant for a military firm for six months. He said that because she worked for military he would require "workbook" from employer and resume from my fiance (none of these documents were originally asked for....had they been we would have had them along with three copies like everything else.....we were very prepare)....we sent all of these materials back via email within four hours of the interview, but have yet to hear anything we are having to wait until monday (or maybe longer) and of course it is the only thing we can think about.....i realize that our emotion may be strong due to our current feelings, but my last question would be what directs these officers? Is there some sort of oath they go by so that cases are done fairly and accurately? Thank you so much for your time in answering and reading my comment....any answers would be very helpful and hopefully put us at ease....thanks!
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Need Help
hello everyone im from UK and my fiance is from USA , soon we are applying for the petition i29F, but my fiance is currently unemployed , would that affect our process ? or i can get a visa even shes in unemployed , either at Visa interview i can say to the officer when i get back to US i will support myself and my fiance , as i have my bank balance , desperatley need your replies guys ,
thanks in advance looking forward for ur time
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MNL case number
  I wonder how long we need to wait for our case number, our approval of NOA2 was July 16 2015, and since then we are waiting for our case number, is there possibility that it will take few months to get case number? and what if we still don't have it until our approval expired?
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Notice of Action 2 super delayed
my fiance filed the I-129F last December 8,2014 and we received Notice of Action 1 stating that USCIS received our case last December 10,2014.Our problem is until now (August, 2015), we have not received our Notice of Action 2. we always call and inquire to USCIS website about our case but the reply was "pending consideration". I am here in the Philippines and my fiance is in America and it is just very hard to have a long distance relationship. may i ask if we still have a chance to have the Notice of action 2 and be approved? or it will just be denied since it is almost 8 months of waiting? i hope we are not just waiting for nothing..
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Fiancee Visa -Form I-129F
My FIANCÉ filled the petition, form I-129F, for my fiancee visa on May 5th 2014, Petition approved in September 2014 (I don`t remember exact day)
Interview scheduled for November 25, 2014, at the US Embassy, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and visa was granted.
December 31, K1 visa was issued
Around January 10th 2015, I received the visa package in the Mail
K1 visa was valid until April 29, 2015.
April 20th 2015 I arrived in US and got an I-94 valid from April 20th 2015 to July 18th 2015.
Got married on May 26th 2015.
June 5th 2015, I filled for adjustment of status
June 8th, 2015 petition was received by USCIS
June 19th, 2015, I received the Notice of action from USCIS
As of June 23th 2015, still waiting for case status updates.

Does anybody know how long it will take for me to get my work permit? Thanks.
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K-1 Visa
On May 1st of this year I received Form I-797 confirming that my I-129f K-1 Visa application had been accepted by the lock box facility in Texas and forwarded to the California Service Center for processing. I have a receipt number. When I try to check the status of my application I get this message:"At this time the USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact NCSC 1(800)375-5283 for additional infomation"
Has anyone else had this problem ? It seems like the California Service Center should be able to tell me more than that. For example, "We have received your application and It will processed in the order received"

Thank you.
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