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Fiance Visa - K1/K2/K3/K4

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Fiance Visa
HI I met my girlfriend online and we have fallen in love. I'm a US citizen but have not been able to renew my passport because I owe child support. which I'm paying off.

it is imposiible for me to travel to ecuador to visit my girl friend and we definitely want to get married. Is there any way we would be able to obtain the fiance visa without having met in person?
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Fiance Visa - Mexico to USA
Me and my fiance have been together for five (5) years on and off. During a long off period, I met and married someone else. It ended quickly and shortly after, me and my fiance reconnected. I'm concerned that the VISA could be in jeopardy because of my previous marriages. None of them involved VISA's, but I'm still nervous. The application was accepted on October 7, 2011 and everyday is torture waiting.

P.S. My fiance has also been in the country before illegally. We were completely honest and disclosed all information, but I'm hoping for kindness because we have a son together. Does anyone have an experience (good or bad) anywhere similar to this, the previous illegal status I mean.
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K1 visa
My fiancee received the response from the US Embassy.
It appear that I do not have sufficient financial support.
To the section 212(a) the Consul statement is "You have not established that you have adequate financial support"
Is there anything I can do at this point?
Will my fiancee get visa easier if I marry her in Philippines or will be subject my annual earnings?
Thank you
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here is how it goes
we met 2 yrs ago
31st march petition to USCIS
5th April Petition was received @ USCIS
10th Aug petition was approved
2nd Sept received NVC notification
22nd Sept received instruction package from the embassy
28th Sept did the medical exam and submitted i230 to the embassy and was given an appointment for the interview on the 5th of october
3rd october received medical exam results and package
5th october was denied the VISA due to having no original birth certificate and pictures to prove we met was rescheduled for 12th october
12th october i submitted required docs and the VISA was approved
13th october received my VISA
will be flying to my fiance in a week from today i am so happy...
 this site has been an encouragement through out the process and i still read it for the steps ahead...
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K1 visa
My fiancee is approved and the cost for him is $350 for the visa.His son is 4 how much is his visa?please don't say $350?
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25+ years difference with the Fiancee reason for Denial?
I've seen men over 30 yrs.older than their wife or Fiancee been approved to come to the US. What about if its an older woman with a younger man ,from India? Loving relationship for 4 years.
Met personally and together every year for a month or more for 3 years, communicate every day, by vonage phone, chat, and send money to support him plenty of proof. We are just so much in love with each other. We are happy together. We just worry my petition will be denied just of our age difference. I hope someone can advice me. Imy
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intending immigrant
hi everyone... I hope somebody can help me with this one very urgent....
I have a schedule for my interview going to US this coming September but I am worried because my passport would expire this coming December and Im planning to renew it by next week but the thing is i can get my renewed passport by Oct.,so I don't know what to do would the US consulate let me travel to States even if my passport would expire or should i renew it and just tell them its on process.. pls help... thanks
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K1, K2 from China to USA
FEE: $350 fee is charged for the K1 Applicant, plus an additional $350. for EACH Child (K2).
Attempted to pay $700. USD cash in Guangzhou CITIC bank as required (fiance plus 1 child), but the bank charged an addl. $235. yuan, even tho I was paying with USD going to the US Consolate. I protested, to no avail.
The instructions in packet 3 and 4 didn't make this clear to me, but form DS156 IS required to be submitted for each K2 child applicant, in duplicate, but all other forms just for K1.
Advice: If you have a child under the age of 5, TAKE THE CHILD to the interview. They will put you near the front of the line, and if the child is fussy (and you're legit and have all paperwork in order), the interviewer will be more inclined to cut it short and get you out of there.
Interview primarily in chinese language, but if fiance' can answer some in english, no matter how broken, it shows an effort and will be received as a positive point.
Apartments available adjacent to interview location not very nice, but the experienced advice of the owner and his wife are invaluable and probably worth camping out there for a day or two for that reason. He also can get you a discounted rate at a nearby 4 star hotel.
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civil status
i was married in the Philippines in 1981. When I came to America as a working visa and I left my husband in the Phil. our marriage failed and I annuled our marriage in 1990.In 1990, I got married to an American citizen and have 2 children from him. IN 2008, we divorced. In 2010, me and my ex husband from the Phil, get back with each other. I am doing my fiancee petition for him. I learned that our annulment in the Phil was not legalized since I did it when I was still on a working Visa. He's stll in the Phil and he's still married in the NSO from me. Now, what civil status shall I put on his biography?
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section 221g
hi everybady, today was my interview in consulat, and an lady officer consulat was rud with me and she was asking me so many question but i didn't answer for all , she was ask me about my wife where she student , and where she know her first ex husband and how she know him and how she divorce him,i answering of what i knows, and then she say you don't have good reason to get a visa, and then she gave me paper of 221g , and she say your inteview is over, plz if someone can help me and tell me what can i do. for this processe .and what this section meane and so can i get a chance to have a visa and to joint my wife. we have 2 years and half for our relationshipe and 1 year of marriage it's mean 3 years and half .someone can tell me what steps can follow .thank you so much
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