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April 2019 Filers - AOS - Green Card here we come :)

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  • I485 marriage based, spouse of US citizen. Currently F1 student. Finally my green card is approved. Philadelphia field office. Here is my timeline.

    case filed 04/15/19
    case received 04/19/19
    USCIS notice 04/25/19
    Priority date: 05/01/2019
    biometrics notice 05/15/19
    biometrics completed 05/27/19
    fingerprint review completed: 05/29/2019
    I-693 courtesy letter 07/10/19
    ready to be scheduled for interview 07/11/19 (Philadelphia field office)
    NEw card is being produced: 09/13/2016 (NBC)
    EAD AP Approved: 09/16/2019
    Card in hand: 09/20/2019
    interview scheduled: 10/05/19
    interview letter mailed: 10/10/19
    Interview at Philly: 11/12/2019.
    New card being produced: 11/13/2019
    I485 i130 Case was approved : 11/14/2019
    New Card was mailed to me : 11/15/2019.
    Card delivered to me : 11/19/2019

    My interview was smooth with basic questions. All the best to everyone.
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    • phillyfiler13 i think it was a good / quick interview. No wait time at all. No personal questions beside each other’s name / DOB/ wedding day. Most difficult: all addresses of the last 5 years. We lived all over the world so we could not remember all (was not a big deal)
      if you traveled during the process, print a new i94.

      bring as much evidence as makes you feel comfortable. Our interviewer kept only a couple of pictures, newly signed lease and health insurance (showing husband and kids are using my insurance), Facebook status changed to married page, car insurance.

      good luck!!!


      • I had my interview in Portland, OR on Sept. 4th and have had I-130 approved but the I-485 hasn't been approved and it's saying "Interview Was Completed And My Case Must Be Reviewed". My attorney sent a letter last week asking what's going on but I'm wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this?

        Thanks in advance!


        • I haven't updated in a while but the most recent activity is below. Still waiting on an interview date. I'm a Washington D.C. filer.

          04/19/2019 Application sent to Chicago
          04/23/2019 Application received by USCIS
          05/04/2019 Received NOAs in the mail
          05/10/2019 Received biometrics appointment letter
          05/20/2019 Biometrics appointment
          06/22/2019 Notification that RFIE has been mailed
          06/27/2019 RFIE received
          07/22/2019 Response to RFIE sent to USCIS
          07/23/2019 USCIS received RFIE response
          07/31/2019 Case is ready to be schedule for an interview (Day 100)
          10/09/2019 EAD being printed
          10/18/2019 EAD card delivered by USPS


          • Hello I'm asking a question in regards of my in laws who also filed in April. Is having health insurance required now for new green card holders? Thank you.


            • Hi everyone!! Here is my last update......
              We had our interview two weeks ago and even though the officer said she was sending us a RFE on a tax document and told us that that would be a great time to include more proof of bonafide evidence (she said this like 3 times.... ), apparently they changed their minds cos our case was approved a couple of days ago and card is in the mail!!

              Here is our timeline:

              - applied with my US citizen husband: I-485, I-130, I-765, I-131
              - application sent April 19th, 2019
              - money withdrawn from credit card April 29th, 2019
              - received I-797 April 30th, 2019
              - then nothing for a long time, no biometrics. Called USCIS 4 times and finally talked to Tier 2 officer.
              - notice for biometrics appointment received September 1st, 2019 ---> but specifically for I-765, not I-485
              - biometrics for I-765 completed on September 9th, 2019
              - EAD card processed and mailed within 1½week
              - new biometrics appointment noticed received September 20th for I-485
              - biometrics for I-485 completed on September 30th, 2019
              - around October 3rd status changed to 'ready for interview'
              - October 8th, 2019 status changed to 'interview scheduled'
              - October 14th, 2019 noticed received with interview date ----------> November 12th, 2019!
              - November 12th, 2019 interview.
              - Status on I-485 changed to 'card being produced' on November 18, 2019
              - Status on I-130 changed to 'approved' on November 20th, 2019
              - Status on I-485 changed to ' case approved' on November 21st, 2019
              - Status on I-485 changed to 'card was mailed' on November 22nd, 2019!!!!!!! ------------------------------------>WOOOOHOOOO!


              • Hello everyone,

                I had my interview yesterday (Chicago) and was approved! I was not told I was approved right away but got the update an hour later.
                I am an F1 student (still studying, not on OPT) and my wife is a stay at home mom. We brought evidence of everything although we had provided more than enough evidence when he sent our case. We were only asked to show birth certificates, passports and certificate of marriage license.
                I was asked my name, address, what do I do, the yes/no part of the i-485 and that was it. My wife was asked when did our relationship start, how did we meet, and to provide a basic history of the relationship. It lasted 15 minutes at most. At the end of it we were asked if we wanted to add any evidence and I provided some more photos and affidavits which the officer did not look at or read, he just placed them in the folder. The officer was very nice overall.

                I am now waiting to receive the card on the mail!

                04/24/2019 Application sent to Chicago
                04/30/2019 Application received by USCIS
                05/04/2019 Received NOAs in the mail
                05/12/2019 Received biometrics appointment letter
                05/22/2019 Biometrics appointment
                06/22/2019 Notification that RFIE has been mailed
                06/28/2019 RFIE received (request for new i-864 and i-130a (forgot to send it!))
                07/25/2019 We received your response for Form I-485
                10/18/2019 Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview
                10/22/2019 Interview was scheduled
                11/26/2019 Interview / Card produced
                11/27/2019 Case approved on i-130 and i-485
                11/29/2019 Card was mailed
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