hey guys,
i was reading this forum silently, and I think I should post my experience. So, I applied for green card thru marriage, same sex marriage in Honolulu.
After 7.5 months I got a notice for interview. In mean time, I applied for emergency advance parole, which they approved, so I went home for one month. I didn’t had any trouble on way back. I never was illegal in this country, i come here on J1 visa, after that I extended my visa on B2, and after that I married and applied for green card.
My interview was really easy. My wife and me was separated, first she was and answering questions, than me. We was inside 10 min each. Questions was super easy: how we meet, where we are living, whom we are living with, when we started relationship... easy questions. All answers match.
But, already passed more than 2 weeks from interview, and online is still : interview is scheduled.
on the end of interview, i asked officer when I’ll get response, he said that they need to review all documentation, but everything seems right. Only question which one I didn’t like is question when he asked me who we are living with, and I told him, than he asked me what’s their status (in my house there is 2 people without status, so I’m afraid they may be in trouble, because he asked me to write their names). Does anyone have a similar situation? My wife and me are living with 3 more people, but we are completely separated from another roommates. We have roommates because Hawaii are expensive to live alone.
How long it usually takes to get answer after interview? Should I be concerned? Thank you!