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AOS - Green Card Through Marriage

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  • AOS - Green Card Through Marriage

    Hi everyone, today I received my green card and I wanted to share my experience. It was a rocky journey but if you did everything right, you should not encounter any issues. Trust the process!!


    Citizenship: Chinese
    Age: Mid-twenties
    Gender: Male
    Application date/district: January 2019 - Sacramento, CA
    Previous Status: F-1 Visa and was in the US already on an OPT
    Eligibility: Married a US citizen


    - Receipt notice received.

    - Biometrics taken.

    - Requested for evidence (Birth Certificate) - Submitted a week later.

    - Interview notice received.

    - Interview - Officer wanted to do a background check before granting green card.

    - Green Card RECEIVED!!!

    The whole process took 9 and half months. I received my EAD card in mid-October, they had some issues with my application so I had to call USCIS many many times and contact my local Congressman to force them to their job and fix the problem. Due to the delay of my work permit, I had to quit my job for 6 months and it was miserable. As the system is extremely backlogged, make sure to call to check that everything is running smoothly. If the customer rep cannot give you an answer, you can request a tier 2 rep to look over your case at any time during your call. Tier 2 reps are actual employees of USCIS and have more access and authority to make things happen.

    I hope this was helpful as myself came to this site often while I was waiting for a response on my case. It is completely normal to feel anxious and frustrated especially if you have a job lined up. I had to take measures to speed up the process as the delay was ridiculous. Your best bet is to contact your local congressman and explain your situation. I had to hire an attorney when I filed my application, trust me this will save you money and time in the long run if you have no idea what to do. I wish you all good luck!!

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    I’m so sorry that you lost your job because of the delay of your EAD approval. I do hope that you can get your old job back or get a new one now that you have your GC. Wishing you the best of luck!
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    November 2018 - Priority Date
    April 2019 - Ready to Schedule for Interview
    May 2019 - EAD + AP Approved
    June 2019 - EAD + AP Combo Card in hand
    September 2019 - Interview was Scheduled
    October 2019 - Interview
    November 2019 - Case Approved / GC in hand


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      Aye ???????????? congrats to you. I like hearing good news. All the best
      Marriage AOS (from tourist visa)

      Lawyer Mailed Package Nov 1st 2019

      Received Nov 4th

      Priority Date also Nov 4th

      *** I130 i485 & work permit (did not apply for travel documents ). Didn’t send medical for timeout concerns

      Nov 15 received 2 hard copies for NOA ( notice date is Nov 8th)

      Waiting for further updates