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  • Formal Wedding

    I would like to know if a formal wedding, whether it be a small or large, is necessary for me to do an AoS? The lawyer I spoke to suggest I have a ceremony even though my immediate family would not be able to attend, for picture purposes.

    Has anyone just sign the marriage agreement and that was enough?

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    Of course is always better for pictures purposes, but its COVID and half of the family is away so we just went to court and sign papers. It was just me and my husband then went to a nice restaurant for dinner. We have a lot of photos for varies events from families an friends, plus when we announced we are married to our families we got a lot of congrats on your wedding cards that I included in my package as evidence. If you have a lot of other supporting evidence I don't think it makes a big difference, if you don't it will probably help. I just filed tho , So I cant say how my case willg go.


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      We had a small wedding in our home and we were approved this week. So that isn't an issue.


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        My wedding was only 3 people and the judge at the city hall. At the end of the day, what truly matters is your proof of bona-fide.

        My timeline so far:

        PD 06/30/2020. Chicago field office. No EAD.

        -01/27/20: Same sex couple, married to USC.
        -06/29/20: Package I-130, I-130A, I-131, I-485, I-693, I-765, I-864, I-864 joint sponsor and I-944 sent via certified mail USPS.
        -06/30/20: Delivered by USPS and signed by Chicago lockbox T Thomas.
        -07/25/20: Checks cashed.
        -07/30/20: Text messages received with case confirmation numbers.
        -07/31/20: Received NOA's in the mail.
        ​​​​​​-08/05/20: Received RFIE notification from USCIS for I-485, letter to follow via mail.
        -08/10/20: Received RFIE in the mail asking for my partner's pay stubs for the last 6 months and letter of employment.
        -09/18/20: Mailed out RFIE to Lee-Summit's office.
        -09/21/20: USCIS confirms they've received RFIE. -10/27/2020: Called USCIS regarding biometrics appointment not yet scheduled. USCIS send E-Request to Chicago FO.
        -11/10/2020: Immigration officer reaches out to me via phone call to explain the reason I haven't received a biometrics appointment, appointment will come eventually.
        -11/23/2020: USCIS files another E-Request for biometrics.
        -12/04/2020: USCIS confirms biometrics appointment has been scheduled and letter with details is in the mail already.
        -12/05/2020: Biometrics appointment scheduled for December 21st 2020.
        -12/21/2020: Biometrics taken.
        -12/22/2020: Biometrics applied to cases.
        -12/29/2020: Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview.
        -02/26/2021: Interview has been scheduled.
        -03/30/2021: Interview, approved on the spot.
        -04/06/2021: Green card in hand.


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          Thanks. That really helps.