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  • I693 medical


    Need clarity on steps followed for medical.

    When I called up a doctor from USCIS list, I was told to bring in vaccination proofs for Covid, Flu, MMR, TDAP and Vericella. I have the proofs for Covid and Flu, but not for the rest. I am from India so have def taken MMR , not sure abut Vericella.

    Have any of you faced similar situation? Would an antibody test result be enough to show proof of vaccination or do I need to take these vaccines again.

    Also if I take the vaccines now, would this have an impact on the result of TB test.


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    I was in your shoes, I took all the vaccines from USCIS doctor. Most times these vaccine costs are covered by your insurance provider. It did not affect my TB result. However, it depends on your medical history.


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      Thank you.

      How much did it cost you to take all these vaccines?


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        Originally posted by Shamsu View Post
        Thank you.

        How much did it cost you to take all these vaccines?
        around 600$, but the doctors office said that it is covered in my insurance.


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          We asked our regular doctor to do the antibody test, which showed all vaccines complete for me and my wife had to take the MMR (for some reason her results were not complete for that). We took the results/info to the USCIS doctor and we didn't need to take the vaccines.
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            same for me. I couldn't prove my vaccination status (MMR, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis, Tet**** etc), so I had to get blood tests to show the antibodies. Cost me about $400 I think
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