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Adjustment of status for mother

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  • Adjustment of status for mother

    Hi all!,

    I am a US Citizen in the process of sponsoring my mother who is a German Citizen to become a Green Card holder.

    I want to be sure she will have her interview here in the States. However she will be in Germany the day I will be submitting the case. Do you know how I can make sure that she will be interviewed in our local office?

    Thank you many times

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    How will she enter the US? She cannot enter on most types of nonimmigrant visas (other than H or L work visas) if she has preconceived intent to file I-485 (Adjustment of Status) during that stay.

    There is no way for you to "be sure she will have her interview here in the States", because the only process which interviews in the US is Adjustment of Status (the process of getting a green card from within the US), but that is only for people who are already in the US. But she is abroad and, like I said, she cannot enter the US with preconceived intent to apply for Adjustment of Status. The proper process for someone who is abroad is Consular Processing, where she will apply for an immigrant visa at a US consulate abroad.

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.


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      You may need an immigration attorney.
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        It is really worth checking with people in the industry such as lawyers or support staff at foreign visa agencies. geometry dash
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