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Re entry permit need help

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  • Re entry permit need help

    So here's the deal
    Im still in US right now and I'm planning to go back on philippines this May 2017 to continue my schooling. This is my first time on applying re entry permit, so i filled my re entry permit on october 2016 even though i wont go back till May 2017 because i just want to get it done. So when i filed my Form i 131, i did put in my departure date, which is may 25, 2017 and that i will return may 25, 2019 Then i received my Travel Document and it says that the date of issue was Feb 28, 2017 and the expiration date, will be Mar 1, 2019 Is there anything that i can do to change the expiration date/date if issuance, because i won't have enough time to finish school and graduate if he have to come back Mar 1, 2019

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    No, you can't really do that. You would have to visit the US once again and apply for another reentry permit.
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