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  • Administrative Process case


    Please kindly help to have a answer. I am really worrying .I had my DvLottery interview in 22/Februay/2017 .The officer said that my visa is approved bit they need my passport to stay there for the Visa and I can get them within 2 days .Because of I had to return back to my own country ,Officer said that you can send passport when you will arrive on own country . So did I .My passport arrived on Tbilisi Us Council at 6/march/2017 . 23 days passed ,but it still under AP and Ready .
    I called Us Council ,as they informed that they will contact with me if any issue or question .
    What do you advise how long it can take or can be any problem with my Visa ?
    In interview officer said it approved ,but why it takes long if it approved ?

    And I had to open case ,namely - Ready and Administrative Process ,Is that normal ?
    Please advise .

    Best Regards