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Can I travel with only my green card to Mexico

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  • Can I travel with only my green card to Mexico


    I’m planning to travel to Mexico for a few weeks during Christmas. I have my 10 year green card and a driver license. I lost my passport (I’m from Venezuela) so I don’t have anything else. Will that be enough? Can I travel by air or only by land? Thank you!

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    According to this site: https://embamex.sre.gob.mx/colombia/...o-como-turista
    you need:
    - your valid passport
    - round plane ticket
    - international credit card
    - hotel reservation
    with green card and without a visa.

    Can you get a new passport in USA?
    Nov 2018 - Package sent - EB - Texas Service Center
    Day 1 - Package received at lockbox
    Day 12/34 - Case and Fingerprint Fee Received / Biometrics appointment
    Day 112 - EAD delivered
    Day 195 - Letter for missing I-693


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      I want to note that, if you cannot get a passport, as a permanent resident, you can apply for a Re-entry Permit with I-131, and it is a passport-like booklet that many countries will accept for international travel in lieu of a passport. See this USCIS brochure:
      You may also want to get a reentry permit if you plan on traveling outside the United States and cannot or do not wish to get a passport from your home country. Many countries throughout the world may allow you to use a reentry permit much like you would use a passport—placing necessary visas and entry and exit stamps in the permit—so you may use it as your main travel document. Be sure to check with any country you plan to visit about specific requirements before you travel.
      However, it takes many months to get, so I am not sure you can get it by Christmas. And it costs $660 and only lasts for 2 years, so it is definitely less convenient than a passport. You would only use this option if you absolutely cannot get a passport.

      This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.