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Job in another state during conditional green card

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  • Job in another state during conditional green card

    Hello, me and my husband were married almost 2 years when I received the green card, however since it was 2 months still shy of 2 years i received a conditional green card this January 19. That being said, I received a job proposal that would require me to move out of state, from Indiana to California. My husband cannot come with me now because his father has dementia and he takes care of him, and he's also disabled and doesn't want to make the move. But the job is too good for me and for my career - it would be financially a big jump in our lives. My question is: my lawyer told me that moving to another state for a job without my husband, even though we will not separate or divorce (we will still see each other at least once a month), will be a big red flag coming the time to remove conditions of my green card. She said there will be another interview - I thought we just needed to send documents to prove our bona fides again, not be interviewed again, but she said interviews are required the second time now and the IO can deny my removal of conditions and cancel my GC if we live separately. Please, let me know if this really is an impediment, if I have to decline this job offer . I'm already 46 years old and this opportunity will not come back again. Please tell me the IOs cannot be that strict? Thanks so much

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    Take the job. Your lawyer is wrong


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      I think the idea is to live normal lives. Sometimes couples get this kind of events and they need to live accordingly. If you are going to live apart, just keep your flight receipts for each travel to see your husband and record the travel/dinners/events that you do together and I think you will be fine. Good luck on your new job.

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