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COVID Times| New Immigrants still waiting for Green card to be mailed

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  • COVID Times| New Immigrants still waiting for Green card to be mailed

    My parents are newly arrived immigrants to USA with temporary I-551 stamp which reads - UPON ENDORSEMENT SERVES AS TEMPORARY I-551 EVIDENCING PERMANENT RESIDENCE FOR 1 YEAR.

    It has been 7 months but we are yet to receive the Green Card even though we have paid all the fees upfront.
    Are there anyone facing similar situations where the parents are still waiting for the GC to be mailed due to USCIS delays in printing GC?

    I would greatly appreciate if you can advise on the following :

    1. What happens if we dont receive the green card before the expiration of temporary I-551 stamp?
    2. Is there an option to renew temporary I-551 stamp while waiting for Green Card to be mailed?
    3.What options do we have to follow up with USCIS regarding the status of Green card delivery

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    I am new here and I’m trying to get some answers too...
    I would like to share with you my experience:

    I-751 mailed to USCIS,
    Case received - March 8th 2018.
    Case updated to show fingerprints were taken - July 18th 2019
    Case received at My Local Office - March 5th 2020

    /that’s official info.

    i had an interview on 15th of July 2020.

    I-751 was filed as married, but since I got divorced in June 2019, my lawyer suggested me to be patient, wait and do nothing. I went to the interview appointment by myself, explaining the situation, giving additional documents and that was it. Officer told me that I can expect an answer within next 2 weeks ~ latest a month.

    In a meantime ~ I had 1 year GC extension, than 1,5 year extension, than a stamp in my passport for 1 year extension: which expired on 27th of August 2020.

    I was calling USCIS to make an appointment for another stamp and they told me that they do it only if it’s emergency.
    Since my mom is sick ~ I got official Letter from Doctor back home that suggested she should have someone to help her out for some time (she is sick and has problems with spine. She lives alone and no one is close enough to be with her.)

    Anyway, long story short:
    First Officer that I was talking with on the phone took my info letting me know that within 2-3 days I will receive a call back from USCIS to make an emergency appointment.
    Next day, I really received a phone-call back, but the Officer decided not to give me an appointment and told me if my mother’s health gets more serious, I can call them back and they will schedule an emergency appointment.

    To help here with answers:
    I believe that this COVID-19 situation is not helping us at all.
    If you have an emergency ~ has to be life&death situation,
    otherwise: no stamp in passport.

    I’m still waiting on any decision after an interview,
    no documents showing my legal status here in USA,
    after 4+ years of marriage and 4 years and 5 months having a Temporary Green Card with multiple extensions.
    I cannot travel, because I don’t have any document to help me on my entry back to USA.

    it’s been almost 2 months how I had an interview at our local USCIS office.

    Does anyone here have some similar experience?
    Can someone please help me a bit ~ I’m so stressed and disappointed and very sad how this processing is being done.