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Doubt on RFE on Form i-751

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  • Doubt on RFE on Form i-751

    Hello - My wife and I received an RFE for form i-751 (Petition to Remove of Green Card Conditions). The RFE requests responses to three questions to which we had not responded in our original submitted form. Those questions are all YES/NO questions, plus one requiring a list of addresses. Specifically, questions 21, 22, and 23 on Part 1 of the form.

    It is not an issue for us to provide those responses, but we have a doubt about the format. It is clear that we should include the actual RFE on the top of the package, plus a cover letter listing the responses. However, we are not sure whether we should include those responses in the cover letter only, or also reattach the page of the form i-751 where the original questions are (of course, this time with all the applicable boxes checked).

    Are we just overthinking it, or is there a best practice in those cases?

    Thank you,

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    This is how I would respond to this. I would do the cover letter and respond to all the questions and list of addresses and then do a new page 2 and page 11 with all the info that is required and send it in. cover both bases. Again this is how I would respond.
    4-18-18 PD
    4-29-18 Finger Print fee was received
    9-26-18 I-765 and I-131 Approved
    10-02-18 Card Was Delivered To Me By The Post Office (sent to Lawyer) Day 167
    10-03-18 Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview Day 168
    10-05-18 your case has been scheduled for a interview. Day 170
    11-13-18 Interview
    11-13-18 New card being produced
    11-15-18 I130 and I485 Approved
    11-20-18 Card Mailed


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      Thanks, I think I will do that.