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Should I be concerned or there is nothing to be worried about?

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  • Should I be concerned or there is nothing to be worried about?

    So after my I-130 was approved, I was contacted by NVC to do consular processing, so I contacted them and let them know I will be Adjusting my Status.

    My I-485 was later approved, and I received a second email from NVC asking to inform them if I still wish to pursue my immigrant visa application, or have I adjusted my status to (Please send a copy of both sides of your alien registration card.)

    Which I was unable to send at the moment because my card had a typographical error with the spelling of my name.

    So now year have passed and I am still waiting on my green card to be corrected, I guess due to COVID-19 there are longer processing times!

    Now I have gotten a Termination letter from NVC stating, we have not received a response from you. As a result, you are hereby notified that your application for a visa has been canceled and any petition approved on your behalf has also been canceled.

    Is there any reason to be worried?

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    Your best bet is to contact an immigration attorney. While people on here do offer good advice, attorneys will be able to offer you sound legal advise and offer solutions to your problems.


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      I am thinking it could just be a system generated email, because I never opted in to do consular processing.

      To my knowledge isn’t NVC and USCIS to separate options for LPR status?


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        Best bet is to talk to a lawyer. NVC and USCIS both process GC cases (NVC for people abroad, USCIS for people in the US) but it's best to have this straightened out for no future issues.

        It probably would have been a good idea to send them the copy of your GC, explain the error, say you're waiting for a new one, and send a copy of what you sent to USCIS. That way they still have it and can mark the case as resolved. Maybe it's not too late?
        2/20: Received at Chicago lockbox
        4/04: We reviewed your biometrics and are processing your case (I-765 & I-485)
        4/18: Ready to be scheduled for an interview (No notification, not updated on either site until Aug 27)
        4/19: Request to expedite EAD
        5/11: Received EAD
        6/26: Applied for Advance Parole
        8/09: Advance Parole approved
        8/29: Scheduled for Interview
        10/11: Interview
        10/12: RFE on I-130 (misplaced G28)
        10/16: Sent new G28
        10/19: Approved!


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          I did contact NVC, they requested a copy of the I-90 and the green card.

          Thanks for the advice.