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With green card - out of country for 11 months

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  • With green card - out of country for 11 months


    I am out of country for 11 months. I am GC holder and GC is active. Could you please kindly address the questions below.

    Will there be any forms that I need to fill out ?

    Are there any documents that I need to carry while travelling back to USA ?


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    Reentry permit


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      Sri .. any update you can share. My Mom is in the same position. Due to travel restrictions (Covid) she was unable to travel back to US. Did you carry any documents? Any questions asked by the immigration officer ?


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        srsari AnxiousMom You can travel back without any permits if you are less than 12 months outside US. Over 12 months, your re-entry (without a re-entry permit) may be questioned or denied. Covid excuses may no longer be allowed as air travel has been resumed to/from US from most countries since few months now.

        Please read this - https://rapidvisa.com/how-long-can-a...united-states/

        Fortunes Reentry permit (Form 1-131) has to be applied from within US in advance and cannot be applied from outside of US when you have already overstayed.
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          Best advice would be to get yourself back into the US asap before your stay hits the 12-month mark. Won’t have any issues with GC or at the port of entry if you do so.