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Green card returned to USCIS after misdelivery

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  • Green card returned to USCIS after misdelivery


    My Green Card was delivered to my old address even though forwarding had been provided and address updated. The letter was incorrectly delivered to another mailbox that was not mine and it has now been sent back to USCIS despite me working with USPS to get the letter back.
    I cannot get ahold of USCIS through their new automated system and the information provided has not been helpful, the automated system keeps telling me it cannot help and disconnects me instead of putting me through with an agent.
    How can I get my green card redelivered? Will USCIS charge me again to get this redelivered? I have opened an inquiry with USCIS but the estimated response is after March 5 which is 30 days after the card was sent out.

    Thank you,

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    This happened to me 2 years ago with my conditional card! I had changed the address online and had the mail forwarded to the new address, however it still went back to USCIS. I called and spoke with their customer service, updated the address and request the card to be resent ! The card was initially sent at the beginning of March, then went back to uscis and the second time it got delivered to me sometime at the end of July!


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      Usually, saying infopass will get you to an agent.