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I 751 march fillers phoenix az

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    New 10 year green card arrived today

    I hope other SRC people hear something soon.
    I-751 Texas Service Center
    2021-03-09 Delivered
    2021-04-05 Cheque processed and txt msg with a receipt number
    2021-04-07 Received receipt notice in mail
    2021-04-22 Fingerprints "Taken"

    I-485/I-130 Nashville Field Office
    2018-08-24: PD
    2018-11-06: Biometrics Appointment
    2018-11-14: Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview
    2019-01-25: Combo card ordered
    2019-01-30: Received Combo Card
    2019-05-30: Interview
    2019-06-04: We approved your Form I-485/I-130
    2019-06-07: I received my Green Card!


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      Thank you very much Rew for updating us. I wish you all the best and I’m very happy that your path to the citizenship has cleared up. Please let us know when you will become a citizen.


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        Originally posted by rew View Post
        New 10 year green card arrived today

        I hope other SRC people hear something soon.
        Congratulations. Great to see fellow SRC applicants receiving approvals so quickly. My receipt date is 3 months after yours.
        09/19/2019 - Case Approved i130 & i485
        06/28/2021 - i-751 sent via UPS
        07/02/2021 - Check was cashed & got receipt number starting SRC
        07/06/2021 - Received 18 month extension in mail
        08/16/2021 - biometrics waived; received i797 in mail. Online status still at case received


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          Originally posted by larry82 View Post
          3/11/21 - I751 Delivered
          4/10/21 - I797 Receipt Received (YSC)
          6/09/21 - Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken
          (9/09/21 - Case approved. Card in mail J/k
          was your case approved same day as finger print taken ?


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            Jeffrey I was joking around and hopeful that the case would be approved in September. 3m after the Fingerprints applied. However, I'm not very hopeful as my service center is Potomac (YSC). Avg processing timeline is 20-22m. By next year, I will apply for citizenship and ask them to adjudicate i-751 at the same time. I heard that by applying for citizenship, your I-751 case get attention as they cannot approve the N400 before I751...


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              Quick question, when your finger print for i-751 is waved and you get the letter in the mail, will your USCIS status remain at we received your application until the finger print is actually “applied”? Is that when the status actually changes to we have updated your finger print……?

              and if so, how long did that take for your applications to be updated?


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                Yes, correct. It remains at the stage of received until they are processed (takes around 3 days at FBI West Virginia facility) and than when all clear it updates to applied and in about a week you will receive a letter in the mail officially informing you that they were applied. My case is processed by Texas Service Center. My case was received at Phoenix lock box in March 11, 2021and it was updated with fingerprints applied on May 17, 2021...so 2 months and 6 days. Now it should be much faster as the new administration is much more efficient and a lot of new improvements started to work better, it also depends of different service centers and their work load. I hope this clarified you!
                Good luck with your case !!!


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                  Well i hope everyone gets their green card soon. Im hoping that in the near months processes will improve. Texas filers are getting their green cards ridiculously quick. Other service centers should follow lol.