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visting india after GC

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  • visting india after GC

    I am a US citizen and my mom came to stay with me during the pandemic ( 2021) and 2.5 years later, we finally received her Green Card + SSN+ EAD + Parole documents in Feb 2024.

    Since we had been waiting for her Green Card, she wasn't able to go back to India for all these years but now she is dead set on going back at least for a year or at least till Feb 2024

    My question is how long can she stay outside the US without getting into problems when returning.

    Some places it seems a GC holder can only stay overseas for under 6 months max but some places I read that we can file reentry permit etc. She is 82 and has no desire to be US citizen, just wanted a GC to stay with me in her old age.

    Has anyone faced this situation?

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    More than 6 month stay outside US could raise some questions at the entry; the rule says that we should not be outside for a year. However you do have an option to seek extension upto 2 years.


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      One year should not be a problem if you file re entry permit. . Pls consult a lawyer though