View Full Version : Renewing old paper work please help

09-27-2007, 11:39 PM
I wanted to know if any one could give me advice on what I can do about my problem . I came here in 1986 when I was a few weeks old with my father and mother but I was born in Mexico .. my father is from El Salvador and he came in to the country thru political Asylum and he helped my mom and me as well come in the country . They issued us Employement Authorization cards . How ever they expired in 1991 . My parents never renewed them . I have been living here since that time . I have also hired an attorney but she has taken more than 2 years to track my file and I was wondering what could I do to some how renew my paper work .. I heard they have a program for the people who were here in that time . If any 1 has any info could you please help . I would appreciate it .
thank you