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05-11-2008, 09:33 PM
I have been pursuing master degree in Germany for about 3 years. I have got J1 Visa at U.S. Consulate in Germany but I am not a German citizen. I am interning for one year payable internship at a landscape architectural office for about 6 months with J1 visa. Beside the sponsor company option, please let me know the possibilities to change my J1 status into a permenant residence with work permission in USA either during the internship or after internship. Actually, I would like to start the process before the internship completed date. It is indicated in the DS-2019 form that "PRELIMINARY ENDORSEMENT OF CONSULAR OR IMMIGRATION OFFICER REGARDING SECTION 212(e) OF THE IMMIGRATION AND NATIONALITY ACT AND PL 94-484, AS AMENDED (see item 1(a) of page 2). The Exchange Visitor in the above program (J1): not subject to the two-year residence requirement." Another statement on US visa is that "BEARER IS NOT SUBJECT TO SECTION 212(E) YEAR RULE DOES NOT APPLY." I entered U.S. with I-94 Departure Record form. In addition to this, my U.S. Visa Type/Class is R J1. On the other hand, I have got the social security card under J1 Program.

Concerning the information above, I would appreciate if you let me know about the requirements for the possibilities to change my J1 status into a permenant residence with work permission in USA before completing my internship.

Hope to get your assistance till completing the processes to change my J1 status into a permenant residence with work permission, if it is possible for US regulations.

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

05-17-2008, 08:28 PM
Sorry, I probably don't have any good advice for you as you seem to be ahead of me in the F1 process...I was hoping you would be able to help me a little...
(I will also post a new thead in case you can't help)
I have applied for the J1 visa for a research internship. The concern that I have is that no one can tell me for certain whether I may have to leave the US for 2 years after the internship finishes or if I may switch to a different visa, eg. H1b...they have told me that Europeans do not usually have to leave for the 2 years...as I am still in the process of the application, I also don't exactly know which type of F1 I will get, and can't ask any immigration lawyers. There exist 3 reasons that a person would have to leave the US for the 2 years, and I know 2 of these do not apply to me. The third, however, is difficult to figure out...if the US government provides any sponsoring to the program, the home requirement applies...
Did you look into this for yourself? When did you find out that the 2 year home requirement does NOT apply to you? Is it before you entered the US on the F1?