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09-23-2009, 03:37 PM

I started with my CPT in Jan 2009. My offer letter from the employer states the start date as Jan 21 2009 and end date as Jan 20, 2010.

However, I need to approve my CPT every semester (just a formality to apply and my school gives me a new I-20)

The last time I got it approved from school was for time period May 12, 2009 to Sept 8, 2009.

I was late in registering for the Fall 2009 course as I was still searching for a relevant course. Hence my CPT renewal was d-e-l-a-y-e-d.... Now my I-20reads the start date as Sept 14, 2009 to Dec 23, 2009.

So if you see... from Sept 9 to Sept 13 - I did nt have CPT - though I was coverd by the offer letter.

Can this cause an issue later sometime... I am wondering if I could request the school to back date my registration by a few days ... can this be done ...?