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05-20-2010, 05:45 PM
hi.. here is my case will u please inform me.. please.. OK, my father is in the us. lpr and i got a f2b petition, pd is oct 2002. last april30 they received a letter from nvc w/c is the choice of agent. 2 days after they mail it back to nvc, as my father w/ my sis in the us serve as the choice of agent and they paid $70 for aos I think.
question 1. Will I also Receive a copy or document ds 3032 here in the Philippines?
Then, on May 19, they receive a form for Affidavit Of Support w/c my dad and sis told me that they went through an attorney and paid $500.And they were told that they will pay $400 in the future for the IV fee
question 2. After this step, what will be next?
question 3. How long will I still wait before the Medical and Interview?
question 4. Will I still wait for my PD to become current?
Please informed me. I'm at school and I was wondering if I will still enrol for the next sem.ester. pls. help.. thanks