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05-21-2010, 01:56 PM
I have a question regarding the sponsorship along with form I130:

My husband is a US Citizen and I am on F1 doing PhD.I am applying to change my status(I485) together with my husband's petition( I130).My husband is not working and lost job long time back but we filed joint tax return and live togther since marriage (3years). Since I am doing PhD I do get research assistantship(F1 student can work 20 hrs on campus and 40 hrs during summer)which we show every year in tax return and its more than 125% poverty line. Now my question is :
1) Can I help my husband to Meet the Income Requirements so that he can file I864(affidavit of support) for me.
2) Do I need to fill separate I864 or I864A or my income as a household be reflected in the same I864 which my husband files for me.
3) Based on the instructions which I read, Only Citizens, permanent residence can file I864 or I864A, since I am an intending immigrant how can I use my income to help my husband to sponsor me.
4) Is it advisable to use my income or should I have a joint sponsor to support us.

I will really appreciate your help and valuable suggestions

Thanks a lot.