View Full Version : Please need help with green card..Spouse died in conditional period

06-14-2010, 10:34 AM
My freind got married an year ago, a marriage which was not faithful from her husband's side. He passed away within 2 yrs of conditional green card period. What are her options ?. Can she still hold the green card and remove conditions after 2 years. The affidavit of support in her case was from somebody in husband's family- what will happen to that, will it be still valid or not required ?. Also can she go outside US right now- I believe same green card rules will apply?. What if she get married in near future to someone who is not in US (not a US citizen or permanent resident)- I believe she will loose her resident status, if she marries within 2 yrs period?. Are rules or options any different based on how spouse died (accident, suicide, natural etc), though it was all his fault. Can she get any exemption in any rules, time frame if it is proved that all was his fault only. Also does options vary if she changes her name (just to get rid of his memories) ...Sidhartha

06-15-2010, 01:21 AM
What has happened with your freind is very unfortunate incident.
I would suggest you seek a legal opinion from a immigration lawyer.
Read the rules on Afidavit of support..my take is if it was a joint sponsor, then the obligation will still hold.